Who can remain without subsidies: in the “black list” were tens of thousands of Ukrainians

In the course of verification at the Ministry of Finance compare the information that accumulates about Ukrainians in different departments. It was assumed that the Ministry of Finance will receive access not only to private sources, but other official databases and registries. For example, the registry of vehicles. At the beginning of last year, the Ministry of Finance has also gained access to banking secrecy. The verification process, as reported by “Segodnya” the Ministry of Finance, will continue this year. Now the Agency especially for this is developing a draft law “On verification”.

Most violate grantees. As explained in one of the territorial bodies of social protection, leave without subsidies of Ukrainians are for two reasons: if during the period of 12 months prior to the registration of grants the purchase was made or paid service in the amount of 50 thousand hryvnias; if grantee hides the extra income.

Among subsidianes found more than 100 thousand families, which during the year purchased a plot of land or real estate (worth more than 50 thousand hryvnia), and then issued a grant.

Now the results of the verification of seven thousand families were left without subsidies (the state saved almost 15 million). Just a “blacklist” of the Ministry of Finance got 185 thousand grantees, now the information is verified by the social security authorities.