Remember this day: how Ukrainians reacted to the prohibition of “Vkontakte” and “Yandex”

The ban of social networks “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and other Russian sites in Ukraine have raised a heated discussion on the pages of Facebook and Twitter.

Ukrainians in social networks are divided into two camps – those who support these sanctions, and those who are against them.

VKontakte completely blocked

— Andrei Pyndyk (@Gandrushka) 16 may 2017

Pensioners of the classmates are on Facebook

— VP (@sranysovok) 16 may 2017

My face when “patriots Russophobes” cry for and social networking sites )

vAnilla Love t (@5AllanLeVito) 16 may 2017


Guys, Russia is churning out propaganda 24/7, this technology of brainwashing, it is necessary to struggle
– Simple talk pravdu))))00))0))

— VP (@sranysovok) 16 may 2017

We banned Yandex, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and agro Tkachev.
— But holding for what?!
— I knew that the first three question is no.

— Hugo Karlovich™ (@JoN_TM) 16 may 2017

Dear ex-user OK, welcome to Twitter. Welcome to hell.

Gray Cardinal (@slevo4kin) 16 may 2017

Polchatelya koristuvach Vkontakte pereselyaetsya in Tver
via @Aleks_Kovalyuk

— Random (@pIebeian) 16 may 2017

To avoid blocking of the resource in the Ukraine, Fsbshny resource “Yandex” operativnenko rebranded!

— Terrible Bendera (@Realuran) 16 may 2017

Prikordonna service Twetter satimola group nelegalni mgrant s Odnoklasnikov

— Syhivskiy (@shvskiy) 16 may 2017

Meanwhile at the office, Zuckerberg

— RB of a brain (@belamova) on 16 may 2017

Say Hello to Vkontakte and Classmates!

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 16 may 2017

Yandex today is not sweet..

Pink Camel (@Red_Camel75) 16 may 2017


— VP (@sranysovok) 16 may 2017

dumped with VC before it became mainstream

— Evgen Ice (@i_ce) 16 may 2017

Sell your page in the VC any attractive girl from Russia.

Selling because of “nepotrebno”.

— SPIRIK (@_SPIRIK_) 16 may 2017

In this regard’yazku iz secrity Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki Yandex first in MENA lachey odne power:

Chomu TSE Bulo not rsena Whalen 3 rocky Tom?

— Serhiy Rudenko (@rudenko_s) 16 may 2017

As reported, today President Poroshenko signed the decree about introduction of sanctions against Russia.

As stated in the Supplement to the presidential decree, the decision to ban Internet service providers providing services for user access to the Internet resources services “” ( and the social networks “Vkontakte” ( and “Classmates” (, as well as a number of the services portal of the Russian and other Russian resources.

It is noted that sanctions against Russian Internet resources is for three years.