Scientists have proved that people can be fat and healthy

Regular physical activity in middle age can compensate for the harm of obesity, the study by Dutch scientists from the Medical center of Erasmus University in Rotterdam, writes, “Orthodox”.

In other words, people can be fat and healthy at the same time, undermining the theory that obesity automatically leads to ill health. Experts came to the conclusion that exercise reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke regardless of body mass index.

The experts considered 5300 people aged 55 years and over, all the participants were followed for 15 years. Scientists have discovered that if people with excess body weight was inactive, they had a third more likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or stroke than if they had a healthy weight and exercise. However, people who are overweight or obese, might reduce that risk if they were active for at least four hours a day. We are talking about any kind of physical activity – from exercise to yard work.

The obtained data show that people with overweight do not have high cardiovascular risk if they remain physically active.