Bad guy: trump Obama put forward the “horrible” accusations

The US President Donald trump said Saturday that the former leader of the country Barack Obama listened to his telephone conversations during the election campaign.

“Awful! Just found out that Obama was listening in to my conversations in the Trump Tower right before the victory,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Is it lawful for the incumbent President to engage in wiretapping of the campaign ahead of the elections?” asked the President of the United States.

“How low could sink President Obama to listen to my phone conversations during the sacred electoral process. It’s the Watergate scandal of Nixon. Bad guy!” – trump wrote, noting that “a good lawyer will surely be able to turn into a big deal of the fact that Obama was eavesdropping on my conversations in October, right before the election”.

We will remind that on 8 November 2016 presidential elections were held in USA, the results of which Donald trump has replaced on a post of the American leader Barack Obama.