Military news: Swedish call — response on Russia? Comments foreign readers

The Swedish government has to think about renewal in a country of universal conscription. Formally, this is due to the fact that the armed forces had problems with the voluntary bundle. The other version is a step in response to the “Russian threat” and the likelihood that the U.S. will reconsider its commitments to NATO and security in Europe.

The reaction of foreign readers, this news is not long in coming.


For better or worse, but Europe came in those regions, which until recently was in the Russian sphere of influence, and even allowed some countries to become members of NATO. It just does not add harmony to the relations East-West. Let’s face it, guys — it was bound to happen. Bear always turns and sometimes bites someone.


Too little too late. Only 4000 (recruits) for 3 years? Sweden is still hiding its head in the sand. The threat is real. And if the history of the Crimea is not enough, what needs to happen to Sweden woke up?


Finally, the members of the IG will get proper training and access to great portable weapons capable of hitting tanks, planes and helicopters… it is Also suitable for ships, trains and buses. Because Sweden produces the best hand-held weapons. Forward, Sweden! Forward, And The Caliphate!


Sweden need soldiers to patrol the streets of their own cities.


In the Baltic countries live Russian minority. And Russia can use this to their advantage. And who knows, you might even go to war, as happened with Ukraine.


Well, this is what happens when a big country begins to use his weight and try to change the global political order. I hope that all of Putin’s apologists are happy now that their idol was brought to the next escalation?


Soon Sweden will be only happy, if the Russians will come and save the Swedes from the second generation of refugees.


Sweden faces a growing threat from Russia? What about economic migrants who are attacking the Swedish city, burning cars and beating people? That is a growing threat. Russian would probably send a few thousand women, civil servants, who would have turned Sweden into mush if I wanted.


It is obvious that Sweden needs thousands of new soldiers to protect our innocent population from Viking loving antics of Julian Assange.


The last time Sweden and Russia fought each other in the 1700’s and only because of the crazy Swedish king wanted to establish a North European Empire at the expense of Russia and Poland. And subsequent major European conflicts from the Seven years ‘ war, 20 years of madness of Napoleon and two World wars between Russia and Sweden were all OK. And now suddenly out of nowhere big bad Ivan is ready to invade. For what? Over territory? Because of the resources? Because of the climate? For meatballs? Because rapists refugees? Or is there an island or a Peninsula, which Nikita Khrushchev gave to Sweden in the 1960s, and we do not know about?


Sweden have to deal with a growing number of incursions into its airspace and territorial waters by Russian planes and ships. The threat is real. And not just for Sweden. Finland, the Baltic republics and some Eastern European countries increase their military budgets and send out the agenda for the army.

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They (Russian) are equipping their latest rocket Satan-2 hypersonic warheads of 50 megatons, which can a nuclear strike to destroy the European country. And spend hundreds of billions of euros in conventional offensive weapons, their tanks could reach Calais in two days. Sure, buddy, we have nothing to worry about! “How are you doing…”


Is there a Russian threat? If you ask a Russian, won’t he say that for him there is a threat from NATO? All looks so that the media are preparing us for world war III.


It has nothing to do with Russia. Need new reserves to maintain peace on the streets (Sweden).


Anybody ever wonder how could such an invasion happen? As a country with a population of 140 million (Russia) can take over Europe with a population at least twice? It must be a blitzkrieg to quickly plunge mainland Europe, but we will see that long before the war. It will be a bloodbath, and they know it. In short, I think that Sweden just panics.


Were you in the war? Were you under enemy fire? Why send children to war in the interests of the elderly? How about world leaders would have pushed themselves out to the ring and they decided all the cases? I am a former soldier. And I told my children that if they call, that they go to jail or leave the country. Because the people that brew all this mess, it will not then mopped. It will do you and me.