The dollar on the interbank market are driving up

Last full day interbank trading began on 29 December with the rise in the us dollar — 20 cents. The dealers guide the customers in a wide corridor on the dollar within 26,85 – 27.25 USD and warn of high market volatility.

“Non-cash trade was launched in the framework of 27.25 – 27,45 UAH/USD. The sellers and the currency on the interbank market has just exhibited a large price tag. Deals on it yet, let’s see how to conduct themselves importers and national Bank. Waiting for the market conduct regulator’s foreign currency auction currency,” he told UBR the head of the Department for dealing operations of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Yuriy Grinenko.

NBU, in turn, has not yet made any statements about the participation in the auction.

“On 29 December, the tensions on the interbank market is likely to continue. Excess hryvnia liquidity on the accounts of exporters will continue to minimize the desire of exporters to sell the currency at the time, as the activity of importers will remain at a high level. Much will depend on the actions of the national Bank”, — said the head of Treasury of VTB Bank Stanislav Verkhratsky.

We will remind, on December 28 at the interbank foreign exchange market the dollar increased by 35 to 45 cents. Bidding closed quotations led light bulbs 26,95/of 27.15 hryvnia to the dollar. The Euro on the interbank market grew by 19 – 31 kopecks and amounted to 28/28,2 hryvnia for one Euro.

NBU explained the excessive demand for foreign currency by the coincidence of two temporary factors – Christmas weekend in the West and rising demand for foreign currency on the background of the receipt by the exporting companies VAT refund. According to the Director of Department of public markets Serhiy Ponomarenko these factors limit the supply of currency in the market.

In turn, the economist Alexander Okhrimenko connects the fall with the consequences nacionalizaciya PrivatBank.