Education abroad in Singapore love a couple with two teachers and I’m afraid to write

The city-state of Singapore is located on Islands in South-East Asia. According to the Ukrainians, life and study here, as on another planet. About how feel students in Singapore, how to build educational process, “Today” told some of us — a student at the National University of Singapore Julia Zemlicka and lover to travel around Asia Olga koptelova.

According to the girls, there to study seriously: do not miss a couple, welcome student discussions and don’t even look in a notebook to a neighbor, fearing accusations of plagiarism. Here respect and manners, and those who do not comply with the rules of conduct in public places, ruthlessly fined and even jailed.


Graduates of Singapore highly appreciated among employers, even neighboring States, making the selection difficult.

“Every University, faculty or Department typically has its own criteria and selection procedure. They are not much different from Western universities, says Julia Zemlicka. — The student submits a package of documents: official confirmation of the assessments (school or a bachelor degree, in English), foreign students and certificates of passing language tests TOEFL/IELTS and/or tests GRE/GMAT (if the program has a mathematical component). You must provide 2-3 recommendation letters (filled with those who recommends, online) and summary student. Usually require personal statement essay about motivation, where it is necessary to explain why study, what are the plans and why this program. When I entered the University, had to write about a global issue and the book that offers the solution. On the basis of documents selected pool of candidates with whom to conduct interviews,”.

When you receive solve global problems and write an essay about motivation.

STUDY. Undergraduate programs are usually designed for 3-4 years, masters 1-2 years. The graduate school takes about 5 years. The study, according to the Ukrainian, is different.

“Compulsory subjects several. The rest you can choose from the many proposed, — the girl speaks. — It is possible to attend courses in other departments. Pairs very interactive — lots of discussions, practical exercises, work in teams. Sometimes the lesson are several teachers, each with their own style. For example, there is a teacher and psychologist (one of the leading in the world in their field), so it is in their pairs satisfied with psychological experiments and simulations on the subject of “Leadership”. All students fill out at the end of the semester feedback about the teacher and the course, and the administration is very attentive to it.”


“The cost of training depends on the Department and program, on average, from $20 thousand per year. But for gifted students and foreigners there are scholarships. To obtain scholarships can be merit — academic, personal, leadership, etc., — said Julia. — Universities are interested in attracting talent and are willing to invest in them”. The amount of the scholarship depends on the method of financing your studies. Someone gets a living allowance, someone the scholarship covers only tuition. I have $1 thousand per month, but there are people who have less. Benefits enough for a very modest student life, as Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world.”

Student housing in Singapore is subsidized, so it is available and of decent quality. But policies are quite strict as the rules of conduct in public places in this country. “For example, after an argument on the street can call the police, and the abuser will issue a fine (up to $3 thousand) for the swearing — says Olga puteshestvennica koptelova. For a cigarette butt thrown by an urn, not less than $500. Gum is actually illegal.”

POSTGRADUATE DEVELOPMENT. Depends on the conditions of the scholarship. For example, those who receive it from the government, must work in the civil service. Others looking for work, but the University helps: work with career departments, who are constantly alert about vacancies and conduct meetings with employers, there are career fairs and workshops.


Asked in many universities, the requirements are very high. No corruption no, plagiarism is the worst crime in the academic environment. Vapor no force to the Board not calls and asks absenteeism definitely need to catch up.

D/C Almost all of the homework assignments associated with practical tasks, calculations, etc. “In one of the courses we go to Vietnam where we will meet with local authorities and politicians, — cites the example of the interviewee. — Our task — in teams to develop strategies for the development of Vietnam in certain areas. In another course we had a mission — to run a real social enterprise”.

EVALUATION. Depends on the subject and the teacher. Usually the evaluation of several components — work in class (participation in discussions), essays, group projects, examinations, practical tasks. “Unfortunate that at the end of the semester all grades “round”, and only 30% of the students in the class get a’s,” says a student. — Missing classes only for a valid reason (with confirmation), gaps are not acceptable. I do not have time — catch up myself in the library (some books need to be ordered in advance). If the reason for the absence valid, the professors are understanding. But homework is necessary to hand over on time, regardless of the circumstances.”

TABOO. The main taboo that exists in all universities — plagiarism. Referred to him and cheating on exams, etc. (this is both a transgression and failure). “All written work will be scanned and subject to borrowing through a special program, — said Julia. — So the “copy-paste” is doomed to failure, and plagiarism is threatened with expulsion from the University.”

The pool is in each institution