26 moments of Independence: what is remembered every year in our country

Despite the fact that 26 years of independence for many Ukrainians flew like one moment they were filled with victories and defeats, joys and sorrows. “Today,” I remembered what distinguished each of these years and handed out 26 categories of “most-most”. For this, we used data of the state service of statistics and relevant ministries and agencies.

It was found in 1994, most of Ukrainians swept on trains, in 1998, the country counted more people of retirement age, in 2000, adopted the most children-orphans, in 2008, came to us most foreign tourists. In addition, in 2011 the authorities have declared a real war debris, 2010 remember the abnormal heat, and in 2016, our farmers harvested a record over all the years of independence the grain harvest.

Despite the fact that the current 2017 has already passed its equator, he still has time to go down in history due to their achievements and victories. Personally, we would like to believe that he will be remembered by Ukrainians as the most happy, and best of peace, the year of independence.


The year featured the highest number of marriages — 493 thousand (against 229 thousand in 2016) and the born kids — 630 thousand (compared to 397 thousand in 2016).

  • 1992: THE SMARTEST

This year can be considered the most scientific, because in Ukraine counted the maximum number of scientists — 248,4 million (in 2015-was 63,8 million).

  • 1993: THE IMPAIRED

Ukrainians still remember how their karbovanets eyes turned in the paper — the country was hit by record giperplazia in 10256%.

  • 1994: THE RAIL

Travel by train was at the top of the popularity — “Ukrzaliznytsya” in 1994, carried a record 630 million passengers (389 million in 2016).

  • 1995: THE CRIMINAL

The most dangerous year of the 90s was 1995. According to official data of the GPU, the country has seen 641,8 thousand crimes (592,6 million in 2016).

  • 1996: THE STATE

Ukraine had two kostrishchami: in the night from 27 to 28 June, adopted a Constitution, and since September the country has moved on the hryvnia.

  • 1997: THE SPACE

In Ukraine appeared the first “square” cosmonaut — 46-year-old air force Colonel Leonid Kadenyuk made a 16-day flight on space Shuttle USA Columbia.


According to official statistics, this year marked a record number of registered pensioners — 14,53 million (a 12.2 in 2016).


In December, the constitutional court abolished the death penalty, which was previously under moratorium for Ukraine’s accession to the Council of Europe.

  • 2000: THE FAMILY

The Millennium will remember the boom in the adoption of children: in this year a new family and found 7692 kid (compared to 2963 children in 2016).


The year was memorable for the first and only Pope’s visit to Ukraine — John Paul II it was the 94th foreign voyage.

  • 2002: THE READING

According to official statistics, in 2002 the highest number of publications — 3045 (vs 1656 in 2016).

  • 2003: THE TRADING

Authorities have counted the largest number of officially registered markets — 2891 (2134 in 2015).

  • 2004: THE “GOLDEN”

At the Olympics in Athens, we took 8 gold medals, footballer Andriy Shevchenko got the Golden ball, and boxer Vitali Klitschko — the title of champion WBC.


This year the Ukrainians was 782 thousand less — a record number of deaths over the past 26 years (583 million in 2016).

  • 2006: THE NETWORK

In Ukraine, came the first social networks — Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. After 10 years each consisted of 12 million Ukrainians, but in 2017 both banned.


The year marked the highest number of road accident — the interior Ministry has recorded 63 554 accidents of which 8404 — fatal (in 2016 — 26 782 RTA).

  • 2008: THE TOURIST

According to state frontier service, our country was visited by the maximum number of foreign tourists was 25.4 million (compared to 13.3 million in 2016).


Ukraine said goodbye to the casino due to the prohibition of gambling business has closed more than 10 thousand rooms. Violators face a fine of up to 25.6 million UAH.

  • 2010: THE HOTTEST

Weather surprised the temperature record: in Luhansk on 12 August recorded the highest temperature is +42 °C.

  • 2011: THE CLEAN

According to official statistics, this year the authorities have declared a decisive war debris and disposed of the most waste — of 153.6 million tonnes.

  • 2012: THE FOOTBALL

For the first time in history, our country hosted a major football championship Euro 2012, which was attended by about 2 million people.


The year will go down in history as the turning point: in November, in Kiev started the Euromaidan protests, when 2 million people came out to fight for the course of European integration.


Ukrainians will remember 2014 in tears: 108 dead at Euromaidan, 336 fighters in Ilovaisk and about 200 in the battles for the Donetsk airport.


This year Ukrainians were sick less often: in the country, according to Ministry of health has registered only 26 789 cases (against 27 361 in 2016).

  • 2016: THE HARVEST

This year particularly proud of in the agriculture Ministry: record harvest of 66 million tonnes of grain (minimum of 20 million in 2003).