Warsaw wants to improve relations with Moscow – foreign Minister of Poland

Warsaw wants to improve relations with Moscow. He stated the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski, reports “Polish radio”.

“No one should be criticized for what he wants to improve relations with Russia. We are neighbors of Russia and also want it,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland.

Waszczykowski added that Poland will give the Americans a message – “We (the improvement of relations with Russia – Ed.) like, but not at our expense”.

The Polish Minister noted that while in the beginning of the week with a two-day visit in new York, in addition to discussions about the future of Poland in the UN Security Council, he talked to us politicians. “I spoke for one hour with Henry Kissinger, who shall be the adviser of the President of trump, and there is absolutely no such agreement, such new Yalta, this new understanding should not be”, – assured the foreign Minister of Poland.

Witold Waszczykowski also noticed that Rex Tillerson, who is the future Secretary of state, speaking in Congress, stated that “Russia is a threat to international peace, for peace”.

Earlier Witold Waszczykowski expressed the opinion that attempts elected President of the USA of Donald trump to negotiate with the Kremlin are doomed to failure.