Dead Person of the year 2014

In Liberia, died on 28-year-old nurse salomé Karuah, which in 2014 was named Time magazine man of the year as a collective image of doctors, saving the Africans from the deadly Ebola.

As reported by the American Agency of National Public Radio, the famous nurse died in the hospital from complications that arose after the February 17 birth of their fourth child.

According to her husband, the doctors of the two hospitals in Monrovia refused to help her for fear of Contracting Ebola.

Still unknown diagnosis, which died Karuah. In 2014, she suffered the disease Ebola, but the virus died, her father, mother and uncle. Then I got her to the bridegroom, who Karuah personally went.

“She survived Ebola — probably they were afraid that she still carries the virus,” suggests the man, even so is not achieved, so the doctors began to operate on his wife.