Groisman arrived in Israel: published photos

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman arrived in Israel, where it is directly at the airport, met the Israeli Minister ze’ev Elkin and Ambassador of this country in Kiev, Eliav Belotserkovsky. About that reported on the Facebook page “Israel in Russian” with a published photo.

As previously mentioned the Prime Minister, “on Monday and Tuesday, I visited with a government delegation of Israel. We have a number of important issues that we need to agree on. We have about 22 events over 1.5 days and 22 events that I have to spend. I’m including with the Ukrainian business, innovative business, we want to study Israel’s experience in relation to technology parks, new technologies in the agricultural sector, and this is very important for the development of the national economy. I do wish to close this session (the Verkhovna Rada – ed.) we could adopt a new law “On science parks in Ukraine.” Ukraine has serious personnel having a vast experience from the point of view of innovation and competitive products. We must create conditions so that such products were produced in Ukraine”.