Anadolu (Turkey): among the jobs of the future will take their place “data science”

“Data science is involved in it, “datalogi” and “engineering data” will have even more importance than today we can imagine,” — said the Chairman of the Board of the companies “Pravotek” and “Intelpro” Ozbilen.

The Chairman of the Board of the companies “Pravotek” (Pavotek) and “Intelpro” (IntelProbe), Dr. Alper Ozbilen (Alper Özbilen) in an interview with Anadolu said that the collection, storage, processing and data security have become a priority agenda in many countries.

According to him, understanding, organizing data, getting access to the many details that go unnoticed in large data arrays, give companies and countries benefit when making decisions.

“We witness how different countries, especially the USA, China and Russia, engage in a fierce struggle around the reflex to protect its own data and appetite to gain access to data from somewhere else — said Ozbilen. — We do not consider digitalization as just some value we believe it is necessary to distinguish between digital consumption and the ability to digital production. We must see the need to assess the information age not only from the point of view of access to information, but in the context of interaction with information. In a time when virtually all transferred in a digital environment, accurate, useful and valuable information, we will lead the data science and engineering data.”

“In the next 25 years, many jobs will cease to be popular”

Alper Ozbilen stressed that in the next 25 years, many jobs will cease to be needed, the processes performed today through the hands and mind of man, will be carried out with the help of computers and managed by computers, robots, and this is not a forecast, but a real fact, which is waiting for its day.

Data science is involved in it, “datalogi” and “engineers” data will be even more important than it is today you can imagine stated Ozbilen. “In order to gain access to the necessary human resources and training that will be required of the industry, we have decided to organize the program “data Science” — continued Ozbilen. — We felt that promoting the training of specialists that we need and industry, will be a more valuable approach than a passive complaint about the fact that the “industry lacks trained personnel.” We were pleasantly surprised when a number of calls from the best universities of our country in a very short time amounted to about a thousand. We have developed a program only as a summer course with on-site training, but to respond to this interest, we expanded the program, which will now continue throughout the year and also carried out online”.

“About the needs of tomorrow today need to think”

Chairman of the Board “Pravotek” and “Intelpro” Ozbilen noted that his company attach importance to the cooperation with industrial enterprises and universities, and added: “We view our universities as a storehouse of human resources and participants quality of the production process. We believe that the academic experience with certain touches will make a substantial contribution to the production capacity of our country.”

The expression Ozbilen, about the needs of tomorrow it is important to think today, it is therefore important to cross-training and online education. “The program is aimed at developing participants’ practical skills and perspectives in various disciplines, such as “big data infrastructure”, “digital signal processing”, “machine learning”, “hybrid quantum research”, “ethics and laws in analytical practice”. Young talents who successfully complete the summer program will be included in long-term internship program and will be able to continue his professional working life in the family “Intelpro”,” finished Ozbilen.