How many Ukrainians will be able to “earn” on subsidies after the monetization

In Ukraine, as stated in the Cabinet in the coming few years, the Ukrainians will be able to get the grant money. According to Minister of energy Igor Nasalik, during the heating season, if you save, the monetization of the Ukrainian family can save up to 10 thousand hryvnia.For example, the heating of one square meter of isolated five-and-a-half cubic meters of gas. The family that lives in the house with an area of 50 squares, to use as part of the grant 275 cubic meters of gas. At the moment, one cube of blue fuel is 6.8 hryvnia, 275 cubic meters will have to pay 1870 UAH. A portion of this amount (dependent on family income) for the rest is to pay the state. If instead of 275 cubic meters to 200 cubic meters spend, the money allocated by the grant to pay for 75 cubic meters of gas, you can keep and spend at their own discretion.

With this monetization, the expert says, “Naftogaz” Alexey Habacuc, must precede large-scale verification. Now the Ministry of Finance finds subsidianes who made a purchase in the amount of 50 thousand hryvnias, however, to find someone who is hiding his real income is very difficult.

“Not doing this, go to monetization is a multiplication problem. The motivation for fraud will increase,” – said the representative of “Naftogaza” Alex, Habacuc.

Note, the Finance Ministry is developing the law “On verification,” said the press service of the Ministry. The draft document is currently not published. His bill, which would allow the verification of newly developed according to the recommendations of the world Bank and the Ministry of social policy. The document approved at the Cabinet meeting on 1 February.

The most important innovation – the emergence of auditors (social inspectors), who will be able to walk the families and to check whether they need assistance from the state.

As stated in the draft law, the inspector has the right “to initiate a study of the social auditor of the material living conditions of the family, which asked for social assistance” and “to visit the recipients of social assistance at their residence.” The social inspectors will work in social protection bodies on the ground. This will create a structure headed by regional leaders, which will appoint the state Secretary of the Ministry of social policy.