The US attorney General was accused of contacts with Russia and the Congress demand of his resignation

The leader of the Democrats in the House of representatives, Nancy Pelosi demanded the resignation of the General Prosecutor Jeff and Roman sessions after it became known that he twice in the past year talked with Russian Ambassador to the United States and not told about it at Senate hearings on his confirmation to the post of head of the Ministry of justice, reports “Voice of America”.

“After he lied under oath to Congress about his contacts with the Russian Prosecutor General should resign, the statement says Pelosi. – Sessions do not deserve to lead the law enforcement system of our country and should resign”.

As reported by the Washington Post, the current attorney General had twice talked to Russian Ambassador in the United States last year when he was a Senator, and not told about this at the hearings on his confirmation, when asked about possible contacts between the election headquarters trump and representatives of the Russian authorities.

Citing unnamed employees of the Ministry of justice, the newspaper writes that one of these meetings was a private conversation and Roman sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak held in the Senator’s office in September.

According to us intelligence officials, it is at this period was the peak of Russian cybercampaign aimed at changing the presidential election campaign, the newspaper reminds.

Contacts, which was not previously known, can give rise to new calls in Congress to appoint a special Prosecutor to investigate Russia’s role in the presidential election of 2016, specifies the Washington Post.

The representative of the Ministry of justice Sarah Isgur Flores stated that the statements and Roman sessions, which he did under oath in the course of the approval procedure, “there is absolutely nothing false”.

“At the hearings he was asked about contacts between Russia and the headquarters of the trump and not about the meetings that he held as a Senator and a member of the armed services Committee,” she explained.

Later sessions released a statement which said that he “never met with Russian officials to discuss issues related to the election campaign”.

“I have no idea what it’s for approval. It’s a lie,” said the attorney General.

The first adviser to trump national security, Michael Flynn was forced to resign in February due to the fact that he had discussed with the Kislyak theme of US sanctions against Russia prior to joining trump’s office and was misled by Vice-President Mike Pence about the content of his conversations.

As attorney-General sessions directs the work of the Ministry of justice, including the FBI, which began an investigation of Russian interference and Moscow’s ties with the environment trump.

To date sessions have not moved the calls to withdraw from the investigation.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that if the FBI comes to the conclusion that the headquarters of Donald trump had illegally coordinated their actions with Russia, the sessions must withdraw from decision-making in matters of accountability.

Appointee trump sessions “may not take such a decision,” Graham said.

At the same time, Graham said that he needed more information about alleged contacts and Roman sessions and the Russian Ambassador.

“Contacts between headquarters trump and representatives of Russia could be legitimate. I want to know what happened between headquarters trump headquarters Clinton and the Russians,” Graham said on CNN.

As you know, us Senator John McCain calls on the authorities to create a special Committee which will investigate the influence of Russia in the U.S. presidential election.