You need to specify in the tax return for 2016

Ukrainians who receive income not from tax agents in the face of employers, shall submit to the tax declaratii until 1 may. This can be done personally, through authorized person, in electronic form, and even mail (in this case, you want the stamp with date letter was stamped before the specified date), reports UBR.

“Any person who has received income from a professional or your independent professional activity, or from any other source of income (for example, donation, receipt of property inheritance, the implementation of some one-off activities which have been paid) shall be obliged to notify the tax authorities by the Declaration of the receipt of that income to continue to pay the relevant tax on income of physical persons”, — said the managing partner of the bar Association Suprema Lex Victor frost.

You need to specify in the Declaration:

  • Letting property to rent

If the tenant is a legal entity, it is obliged in its Declaration to reflect the lease of premises and, acting as fiscal agent, to pay a tax of individual income for the landlord.

If the tenant is an individual, the landlord is a natural person declares receipt of income from the lease of the premises and shall pay the tax of the income of the individual.

“A natural person shall in any case submit the Declaration received during the year of income, including the rental income from the ownership of real estate. However to pay in this case is not required, since such a tax provides a legal entity as a tax agent,” says frost.

  • Purchase and sale of real estate and inheritance

When making real estate transactions in his sales and clearance of transactions by getting a real estate property in the inheritance at the notary, which in this case also act as a tax agent, paid all the taxes. They should subsequently be reflected in the tax return, but again no need to pay.

In this case, if the sale is the first time in three years, or if the heir is a spouse, parents or children, it is the Declaration at a zero rate of tax. However, the filing of the Declaration in any case mandatory.

  • Gifts

Giving any gifts urodela, children and spouses are not taxed, but must be declared. The receipt of gifts from third parties in any case shall be paid at rates of 15-18% for a recipient of such a gift and necessarily reflected in the tax return.

When you receive gifts as prizes from lotteries, Raffles or quizzes and any other organizations that such gifts be shared among an unlimited circle of persons, the payment of taxes is used more and 1.5 ratio.