Russia honors the memory of 26 millions of Soviet heroes

The ninth of may in Russia is the national and official holiday and a day when across the country pay tribute to the memory 26600000 died during the great Patriotic war the Soviet citizens who gave their lives for the expulsion of Nazi troops from the country. In the course of this war at first, almost fell the capital of the Soviet Union Moscow, but in the end was victorious stormed the capital of Nazi Germany, Berlin.

At dawn, 3 hours, 15 minutes, 22 June 1941, Moscow time, Marshal Georgy Zhukov, the commander of the armed forces and chief of the General staff of the red Army reported to Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet state, that Nazi troops attacked the Soviet border and began to apply air strikes on its territory (IRNA news Agency).


And after some time, the official radio reported the following: “Attention! Attention! Moscow Says! Passed important government report. Today, at 4 a.m., the armed forces of Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet border. The Great Patriotic war of the Soviet people against Nazi occupation. Our cause is just! The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours!”

The results of this war for the country of Soviets, led by Stalin, was extremely difficult with the military-political, economic and human point of view. But it ended in a great Victory and the capture of Berlin. The victory of the red Army and the entire nation.

Nazi troops occupied Poland, taking Belarus within the borders of those years, it would seem really able to launch a lightning strike, and four months after the beginning of the war, stood near the walls of Moscow. But Stalin was not ready to accept the offer of their military and political advisers to leave the capital. He took upon himself at the same time both military and political and economic leadership of the greatest country in the world area in 22400000 square kilometers, and headed it from outside the Kremlin.

In addition to Russia and other republics of the European part of the USSR, the enormous sacrifices of the Second World war brought Soviet republics of Central Asia, sending to war, which began with the invasion of Hitler’s troops, which had a huge number of weapons, millions of its citizens.

In honor of the great victory and in memory of the fallen in this war after 1945 in the Soviet Union until its collapse in 1991, and now, in modern Russia, every year a big celebration, known as Victory Day in the great Patriotic war.

According to tradition, the head of state, officials, political and military leaders of high rank, as well as war veterans equal to participants of war of the civilian population, called workers, to attend the festivities and participate in events held across the country and in the independent republics that emerged after the collapse of the USSR. The main part of celebrations is held on red square in Moscow, near the Kremlin walls. The main feature of these celebrations is the parade, designed to demonstrate the military power and defense capability of the country.

The procession in memory of the fallen in the war defenders, and the defenders of the country as among the armed forces and the civilian population and volunteer corps, called the militia, their portraits in the hands of the marchers, and the red banner with the hammer and sickle symbol of the Soviet state is the main external components of the event, especially for the older generation, always followed by groups of young and adolescence.

In addition, on this Tuesday, as in previous years, will demonstrate the most advanced models of domestic weapons. This event usually takes place in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and an essential part of the preparation of all official celebrations of the anniversary of Victory in World war II (72nd, as in this year). The training program of the parade of selected military units, like the rehearsal, begin long before the festivities.

The parade passes review of such weapons as missiles of all ranges, including Intercontinental and strategic purposes, as well as medium-range missiles and air defense systems, and tanks “Armata”, these terrible monsters — the latest achievement of military industry, designed to combat heavy ground weapons and armor.

In the skies over Moscow and other cities of Russia there will also be a demonstration of the combat power of military-air forces and combat aircraft and helicopters.