Ukraine and the shadow freelancers

This is stated in the editorial “Ukraine and the shadow freelancers”, published on the website of the newspaper New York Times. The most recent questions related to the personal lawyer of the President of the Michael Cohen (Michael Cohen) and his collaboration with little-known Ukrainian opposition Deputy of Russian origin, a new Yorker who made a business deal with trump. The three men prepared a peace plan for Ukraine, which Cohen then delivered to the office of Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), the national security adviser, who was dismissed a few days later. In this, perhaps, there is nothing illegal, and there is no evidence that the plan saw trump or any of his team on international Affairs. But amid all the troubling questions around the relations between Russia, trump and his associates, this secret plan has raised a number of new issues about who else can stand behind it and why. It is not enough just to pretend (like trying these three) that their motivation was the desire to end this horrible war.

In fact, the plan calls to make in Ukraine a referendum on the surrender of the Crimea is leased by Russia for 50 or 100 years, and stop providing Russian support for the separatists in Eastern Ukraine, and Amnesty for most of them. Theoretically, this plan could become the basis for learning to solve the impasse in Ukraine. Before Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, it was an agreement on a long-term lease of naval facilities in Sevastopol. However, the question is, why all of this was done behind Kiev, the State Department and just about everyone else. The plan must originated from Andrey Artemenko Ukrainian MP and schemer who considers himself Ukrainian trump. He also claimed that he has evidence of corruption that can overthrow the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The Kremlin denies that he knew anything about the plan. The Ukrainian government was furious, and now the Kiev Prosecutor’s office conducts an investigation against Artemenko on charges of treason. Cohen has denied reports about the plan, calling them “fake news” and refused to give any comments, but he acknowledged the two other men. The third man — Seyter Felix (Felix Sater), a new York developer who once sat in prison for a fraud scheme on the stock exchange, in bar fights and then cooperated with Federal authorities in investigations into cases of fraud. Seyter indignantly insisted that he had not contacted anyone in the Russian government in the trump interests or for the implementation of the plan.

Aggressive policy of President Vladimir Putin is one of the main problems faced by the United States and Europe, Ukraine occupies a Central place. The vitality and unity of the West is critical, and still unanswered questions about the relationship of the tramp with Russia caused significant worries among the allies and aides of trump’s struggling to calm them. Cohen — lawyer trump. He can’t pretend to be a concerned citizen when meets with Ukrainian opposition politicians, which gave him the dubious offer. Now is not the time for freelancing.