Why Ukraine actively sostarivayut housing and what to do with it

The area of the housing stock in Ukraine is now 977,9 million sq. m. and almost half is old homes. This was recently reported Leo Partskhaladze, Deputy Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine.

The website “Today” decided to find out how fast wear out of the house in the country, which promotes the active aging of the housing stock, and why people prefer new construction.

“Shelf life” and improper operation

Gradually many houses in Ukraine ends a life. Now most of the housing stock of the country is in need of repair and restoration. Every building has a certain period of time, after which building you need to get in order to troubleshoot or not to demolish the house.

For example, according to the rules, which were approved by the Ministry of regional development in 2009, the approximate duration of the operation of residential and public buildings is about 100 years. Also, this period depends on the type of construction. Capital house with stone and brick walls can last more than 150 years, while the house is cinder block only 70 years, but the wooden and cobbled live and not more than 50 years.

In Ukrainian cities there are entire neighborhoods where the houses had grown old and needs immediate renovation. For example, if we talk about Kiev, the situation is similar in the Darnytsia district.

“A quarter of the housing stock period of operation is generally over, this so-called Khrushchev, another part houses built before the war. Especially many of these homes in Darnitsa district, where all terms of physical and moral deterioration exceeds already 100%”, – commented the Director of the Institute for the development of real estate Alexander Rubanov.

Besides, despite the fact that there are deadlines, our housing stock is aging much faster because of the wrong operation. Comments about this site Today said the co-coordinator of the Council for urban planning of Kiev Gregory Melnychuk.

“If the house has a leaky roof and it is not time to repair, it is natural that the house will become worthless. If to do everything on time and according to the regulations, then nothing will happen and the house can stand for centuries,” says Melnychuk.

Untimely repairs, willfully re-planning of apartments or a wrong replacement of communications only promotes the active aging of the housing stock and lead the house in disrepair.

Emergency shelter and reconstruction program

To the house suddenly began to crumble across the country, should be developed special programs for the reconstruction, which is not.

“On such programs, said 10 years ago, but things are there. We are talking about either the reconstruction or demolition and construction of something new. Of course, a necessary program, but we don’t think about it. For example, in addition to the houses themselves, there is more communication, and they do not withstand any criticism,” – explains the situation Rubanov.

As a result, the number of emergency housing is growing steadily, although no official status is given rarely. Large-scale reconstructions are hampered not only by the eternal lack of money in the budget, but mess with property rights.

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“What the state can do is to property owners were owners of the land, is a key issue for some renewal projects. That is, a person can own apartments, but not own the land under the building on which it is located. This complicates all sorts of projects of reconstruction,” – said Melnychuk.

According to the expert to move the process forward, there must be a continuity of ownership of the building and land. Because the situation in which apartments in the building belong to their owners, and the land under the house – the city absolutely absurd.

“If the apartment owners would be homeowners, then we could talk about the different investment projects on reconstruction of housing”, – summed up Melnychuk.

The shortage of housing

The Ministry added that at least accounts for only 23.8 km away. m. of living space, whereas, for example, in Europe, these figures more than doubled. So now there is active development: in the period of January-may 2017 were put into operation, more than 2 million square meters of housing. Compared to the previous year, these indicators increased by almost 10%, as reported by analysts of the site Domik.ua.

“New housing construction need only to cover this demand [from people who are in the queue for housing – Ed.] you need to build to 50 million sq m of new housing. And with the replacement of old housing on the quality, and considering the European trends in the number of square meters per person – a minimum of 1 billion square meters of housing,” – said Leo Partskhaladze.

By the way, now the secondary housing in the Ukrainian market is also the least demand. People prefer apartments in new buildings, because the condition of old houses is poor.

“Until 2008, the lion’s share of transactions in the property market, according to our estimates, about 70-75% were in the secondary market. Today the situation is exactly, but on the contrary, i.e. about 60-70% of this primary. And not so much to live, how to save money. As is called – investing”, says Rubanov.