Azerbaijan in search of integration with the EU

Baku’s wish to continue to participate in initiated by the EU program “Eastern partnership”.

The ISNA news Agency: according to “Vesti”, Mahmud mamedkuliyev, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, also said: “the Signing of the new agreement of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the European Union on strategic partnership is not possible until the next meeting in Brussels of the “Eastern partnership” in November”.

He added: “Negotiation of this agreement has already begun, and it is of great importance for the Republic of Azerbaijan. Accordingly, you should carefully examine every point and every detail individually, and it seems to me that the signing of this document will not be ready until November”.

The program “Eastern partnership”, initiated by the EU, created in order to integrate into the structures of the European Union, as well as strengthening its influence in Eastern Europe or which are located near the borders of the EU. Among program participants, there are former republics of the Soviet Union.

The Republic of Azerbaijan since 2008 (Christian chronology) participates in the EU program “Eastern partnership”. To date, participating in the Program also Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova has already fulfilled all of the requirements imposed by the European Union, the consequence for these countries will be the abolition of visas within the EU as well as EU financial assistance to the States.

Currently preparing the administrative infrastructure to participate in this agreement also encompasses the Republic of Azerbaijan and Belarus, however, another former Soviet Republic, Armenia, is distancing itself from the requirements of the agreement.

Officially proclaimed the goal of this program is the full integration of the former post-Soviet republics (or republics of the former European part of the USSR) in the European Union, and the unspoken purpose of approaching closely to the borders of NATO and the EU to the borders of Russia.