Epic arrest Nasirova: what has already happened

Epic detention of chief fiscal of the country of the Roman Nasirov continues. After his arrest Thursday night, officials had not yet chosen a measure of restraint, and physicians continue to argue about the state of his health. “Today” has collected current details of the case.

This morning the hearing on the remand Nasirova in the Solomensky court of Kiev started almost on time. The head of the State fiscal service (SFS) the doctors brought into the courtroom on a stretcher: Nasirov, along with two doctors posted in the court “the cage”. The court was crowded: since this morning the building began to gather dozens of journalists came several MPs, representatives from NABU, a Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) and protection official. After debate of the parties around noon, the defense asked for the recusal, and the court adjourned indefinitely. Judge Alexander Bobrovnik adjourned to the automated system picked the judge who will deal with the challenge. But ostensibly because of the output that will be possible only on Monday. This delay sparked outrage among prosecutors, as Sunday night expire 72 hours, during which Nasirova must elect a measure of restraint. Otherwise, the official is free to leave the courtroom. At the time of writing the decision about the time of resumption of the meeting it was accepted not, and the officer was still in the courthouse.

THE WATCHMAN AND HEART. Recall, late in the evening on Thursday, March 2, the special forces of NABOO had arrived at the hospital “Feofania”, to give a suspicion to the head of the SFS Novel Nasirova. According to investigators, hold the sneak was planned in the office, but he did not come to work. It turned out that on the same day Nasirova was hospitalized in “Feofaniya”. So for his arrest detectives NABU and SAP arrived at the hospital. According to the lawyers Nasirov, direct access to the chief fiscal NABU failed — in the way of the commandos stood guard medical facilities, who said to them that from 22:00 to 7:00 they sleep. Exactly how law enforcement was able to get into the house to Nasirova and read suspicion — unknown. According to the lawyer Igor Cherezova, the official in this moment was supposedly unconscious.

After the announcement of suspicion to the head of GFS on a stretcher carried from house to cardioreanimation. According to doctors “Theophany”, the patient was diagnosed with a heart attack with the risk of repetition. At SAP said that I doubt this diagnosis. To confirm the status Nasirova on Saturday he was transported for further examination at the Institute of cardiology named. Strazhesko Kiev. There concluded that the SFS head “hypertension stage II, high risk” and in the stabilization of the pressure Nasirov can continue treatment on an outpatient basis. That is not to be in the hospital.

BAIL. The first attempt to elect a measure of restraint Nasirova came to nothing. On Saturday, the Prosecutor SAP Andrei Perov said that the court asked to arrest Nasirova with the possibility of making a record of the Deposit is UAH 2 billion. However, on this day, the meeting started late because of false mining of the building of the court. When the court finally began, he was interrupted by a medical examination: because of the increased pressure from the suspect the meeting was moved to 10:00 on Sunday.

DAMAGE. Officially official brought suspicion on the article “Abuse of official position, entailed heavy consequences” for which he faces imprisonment from 3 to 6 years. According to investigators, from may 2015 to March 2016 Nasirov has taken a number of illegal decisions on installment payment amounts in the rental payment for the use of subsoil for some companies for a total of 2,019 billion. According to the head of SAP nazara Golodnitsky, law enforcement authorities to act decisively once they realized the rumors about a possible escape Nasirov. “Became aware of his plans to travel abroad and to destroy the evidence. It was decided to start immediate investigation. But once they started, he was instantly sick,” said Holodnitsky. At the place of residence and work of the SFS head detectives have already conducted a number of searches.
In connection with the recent events, the Cabinet Nasirova was removed from office during the investigation, with responsibilities for SFS head on his Deputy Miroslav Sold.

Nasirov: to leave the country not expect

The Roman Nasirov says that it is not faking his illness and is not going to flee the country. “I’m not going to go on the hospital chair and mimic the disease. I have enough self-esteem and respect for the law, so I tuned over time to go to the court and to personally participate in the meeting.” According to him, the accusations against him —
baseless and will be dashed in pieces.

“It’s a shame that the body can not withstand the sudden psychological pressure. Hopefully, doctors will be able to quickly complete the rehab, I will be able in court to defeat all false charges,” — said the head of the SFS.

A criminal case against the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov has already commented on President Petro Poroshenko. “All are equal before the law. I am sure that the establishment with the participation of the President of the independent anti-corruption infrastructure just proves she’s truly independent and has the ability to do their job. It must be brought to an end, and the justification must be serious,” he said.