President trump outlined the main themes of his address to Congress: Obamacare, tax cuts and a wall on the border

Washington. In his conversation with a reporter of the publication Breitbart News the 45th President of the United States Donald trump outlined the main points of his speech before both houses of the U.S. Congress, which will take place on Tuesday, February 28.

Technically the address of the President of trump cannot be called a report on “state of the Union”, however, it will be constructed in a similar way. In his exclusive interview with Breitbart News, which took place in the oval office, the President, trump said the following:

We will be talking about health care. We will be talking about health care reform Obama, we are going to talk about the failure known as health care reform Obama, because she turned into an absolute and complete failure. We are going to talk about taxes. We will be talking about the economy as a whole. We will be talking about the armed forces and the spending on the armed forces and on the border. We will touch on many different topics — and I must stress that I inherited a mess. It’s a real mess, whether we’re talking about the middle East or about Obamacare — where spending is out of control — or about any other issues. The situation is very much different from what people imagined, and they know it. We intend to fix it. The most important thing is that we’re going to fix it.

Immediately after an interview with Breitbart News, trump, the President met with speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan) and the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell), who were waiting outside the doors of the Oval office while the President talked to the reporter. Head of the administration of President Raines. Priebus (Reince Priebus) and chief strategist for the White house Stephen Bannon (Stephen K. Bannon) — in the past the Executive Director of Breitbart News came to the Oval office during the interview. Vice-President Mike Pence (Mike Pence), who was Chairman of the Republican conference in the House of representatives and then was elected Governor of Indiana, also went to the Oval office directly to the President.

On the question of Breitbart News about what exactly the President trump has in mind, saying he inherited a mess, he replied that it is first and foremost about the middle East, North Korea, the border and the programme of health care reform, which received the name of Obamacare.

“In the middle East chaos, — said trump. — North Korea stepped into very dangerous territory. North Korea is a disaster. Our border is a perfect mess. Our trade agreements are worthless — worthless. It seems like the negotiations to their conclusion that the kids were doing. We will fix it. Health care reform is very bad, and over-reach by 116%”.

Trump confirmed earlier information that he intends to insist on increasing the share of spending on the armed forces in the budget.

The following is the transcript of this interview President of the trump Breitbart News:

Breitbart News: You mentioned the increase in the share of military spending in the budget. There is information that military spending can be increased in the amount of from 54 to 84 billion dollars…

President Donald trump:
I won’t give exact figures, but I want to significantly increase our military spending. We need to do it. Our army is depleted. Our equipment is out of date, but we will have the best army of those that were in the United States for their entire history.

— It seems that the focus will be on national security — the budget of the national security system.

— We will have a powerful national security system. We will have the best weapons, the best army of those that we have ever had, and it will be the best in the world.

President trump also told Breitbart News that the wall on the boundary is “ahead of schedule” and that the Minister of internal security, General John Kelly (John Kelly) has been developing and implementing reforms of the immigration system, designed to save US from potential criminals. He also commented on attempts to cope with Mexican drug cartels, deport criminals, illegally in its territory, and to eliminate those associated with cartel groups like MS-13, which, according to recent reports, Washington has switched to younger students.

The following is the transcript of this interview President of the trump Breitbart News:

Breitbart News: Now that you occupy the post of President of the country already — let’s see — a little more than a month, I would like to ask you a) on the construction of a wall on the border and b) the implementation of immigration laws, similar to what we proposed to the Ministry of internal security.

President Donald trump:
we Have a wall. Work for its establishment ahead of time. We will have a wall, and it will help us to stop the flow of drugs that poison our youth. She hurt to get to us the people not to come to us. We have this wall, and work is already underway ahead of schedule. General Kelly really need it, all need it.

— Continuing the theme of the wall. There are transnational criminal organizations that operate in Mexico and that trafficked drugs in the United States, promoting illegal immigration, human trafficking and so on. Recently we have seen reports that members of the cartel-related group MS-13 trying to distribute drugs, even among the younger students here in Washington. Last week this was reported by the local newspaper. I would like to understand what kind of action will be undertaken in this direction…

— You have already seen the first steps. Look what the General did Kelly. He saves the country from the bad guys. We focused on the criminals. He took on criminals, and now they leave, quickly leave.

As for health care and tax cuts, President trump told Breitbart News that he plans to act quickly to roll and to replace the program of reforms of Obamacare, and that well-functioning health system happens to “very significant” tax cuts, which will affect both the business community and ordinary citizens.

The following is the transcript of this interview President of the trump Breitbart News:

Breitbart News: the Next thing I would like to ask you — you mentioned health care and tax reform. Tell us, what will be the timing and sequence of actions in these two spheres, as well as what tax cuts can we expect?

President Donald trump:
We are moving very quickly. On the health care system I will speak in detail tomorrow, including about the timing. Tax reform will be implemented after health care reform, because from the point of view of the budget of such a course of action more appropriate. But we are moving very successfully in budget issues and health issues and reducing taxes. Tax cuts will be very significant and will affect both enterprises and ordinary citizens.

This is the third part of an exclusive interview with the President of the trump in the oval office, which he gave on Monday, February 27 edition of Breitbart News. The first part was dedicated to an epic failure of the ceremony “Oscar”, and the second edition of the New York Times and “fake news”.