How will Azerbaijan to defend against Armenian missiles?

Israel conducted a successful test of upgraded missile defense system “Iron dome” is equipped with the latest missile “Tamir” joint Israeli-American production. Note that the results of the tests of a new missile defense system, Azerbaijan gained exceeded all expectations.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of January 2017 have already noted that unique advantages of the Israeli missile defense system “Iron dome”, according to the American portal Strategy Page, interested in the United States of America. In the end, the U.S. has provided $ 1 billion to the improvement of the “Iron dome”. It was reported that these investments will help to establish mass production systems, the customers of which are Azerbaijan and the United States.

And now the updated missile defense system “Iron dome” showed that Americans invested money has paid itself handsomely. According to Israeli media in recent weeks in the South of the country have been tests using the upgraded missiles “Tamir” Israeli-American production.

The tests were carried out by the Israeli defense Ministry and concern Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. “Iron dome” was hit by several missiles “ground-ground”, running different distances on the range.

Meanwhile, even before the improvements which have been allocated huge amount of money, the missile defense system “Iron dome” was the pride of the Israeli military-industrial complex.

The work of the “Iron dome” were highly appreciated in Israel. Israeli military officials joke: “If the Iron dome traded their shares on the stock exchange, they would have shown the highest jump in value in history.”

Interest in buying “the Dome” now showing developed militarily in the country — in particular, the United States and South Korea. Themselves as Israelis, the effective work of the system “dampens” some of the inhabitants of the cities in the southern part of the country during the shelling from Gaza to film the work of the interceptors, instead of running for cover.

Developed by the Israeli company Rafael complex impresses with its capabilities, which managed to prove in 2011 and 2014, when, as noted by the world’s media, Israel has managed to intercept almost all missiles launched by Hamas on the territory of this country.

The principle of operation of the “Iron dome” is as follows. Multipurpose radar station (RLS) EL/M-2084 captures the trajectory of enemy missiles and make a decision on whether to knock or not.

If the radar determined that the missile flies in the direction of residential areas or strategic facilities, the control center gives the command to fire the launcher on the launch of the interceptor missile “Tamir”. Missile length “Tamir” is 3 meters, diameter — 160 mm, weight — 90 kilograms, a missile equipped with a remote detonator.

Once issued, the interceptor missile shot down by an enemy rocket at the highest point of the trajectory.

This technique is used to ensure that in the case of using the enemy rockets as a carrier of chemical or biological weapons to minimize striking effect. Each battery has three launchers equipped with twenty missiles.