“Russian” as a synonym for Putin’s war

Whenever a poll comes out with, should a thermonuclear reaction of Ukrainians. It is clear that many sensible Russians it hurts: they have something to do with it? They have something just against all this militaristic Orgy, and even under attack here in Russia. And constantly asking me: “And you are not pounding on the nerves?”.

I will answer this.

Yes, it is unpleasant. Yes, we have to endure, and nothing can be done.

When German troops invaded the USSR — any German (I emphasize: any, regardless of the he — fascist, Communist, or adept of the Reich), automatically became citizens of the USSR “Fritz” (in small letters), “fascist”, “Nazi”, “Nazis”. Such is the nature of war. This is the psychology of the perception of the aggressor. And this is natural. War rechelbacher, scattering the seeds of hatred, giving bloody shoots death. Hating it is easier to kill.

Ukrainians invaded the territory of Russia. This is Putin’s troops entered Crimea, it is our “voentorgovsky” “Grady” charagayt in Donbass, a Russian BUK shot down a civilian airliner, our specialized teams provocations in Ukrainian cities, it’s on our TV channels told about “crucified boys” and “fried bullfinches”. Classic Imperial aggressive policy by frying the brains of the people. And it’s silly now to wonder what the nationality “Russian” has become synonymous with the aggressor, “stupid bydlyaka” (revision of some of our surveys — they are more than eloquent in his “nesoznanku” and aggressiveness) and enthusiastic partner, not thinking about retribution and not believing in its inevitability.

Once the Germans did not believe in the existence of Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald. And they did not think about the fact that Berlin can drop bombs. They were convinced that the Fuehrer will not allow this. Exactly the same as the current Muscovites shrug in response to our questions: “Putin is correct. While we have Putin — everything will be fine..”

But Hitler made. Children Berliners the allies were dropping tons of deadly projectiles. The children were not targeted. They’re just with their parents, and grandparents were in the area of responsibility for the hell that their Fuhrer plunged the whole of humanity. Many paid for it with his life. And then there was Nuremberg. Sorry — beloved führer did not survive. Having, however, to throw into the furnace of war by some groups “Hitler-Jugend”…

Today “Russian” in Ukraine is perceived as a synonym for Putin’s war. And it’s a fair perception of the people, which is protecting his country. Hitler had the Sudetenland, Putin — the Crimea and the Donbass. Hitler also “restored historical justice.” This “recovery” for the Germans ended the national shame and disaster.

The Russian was so fond of the mantra “winners of fascism,” I didn’t even notice that Imperial fascism crept into their hearts, conquered their souls. Flirting with the devil always ends in hell, but passionate about death flirting’t want to think about the inevitable retribution for the dubious pleasure. But in vain…