Ukrainians are waiting for warming and rain: the weather forecast

In Ukraine this week, according to the forecast of weather forecasters, is expected to warm and rainy weather. So, almost the entire territory of the country the thermometer column will rise to above six degrees Celsius. Coldest this week will be on the East of the country temperatures will range from two to four degrees above zero. Read more about what kind of weather to wait for the Ukrainians this week, found the website Today.

The forecast for the week

February 21, almost the entire territory of Ukraine will pass rains with wet snow. So, in the West of the country the temperature will vary from four to six degrees Celsius, at night the thermometer column will fall to a mark of zero to two degrees above zero. In the centre, in the North and in the capital – from two to four degrees in the afternoon. According to forecasts Ukrgidromettsentra in this area will be rain with sleet.

On the East and South, the temperature will range from three to five degrees Celsius. Is expected to rain.

Weather forecast for February 21. Photo: Ukrgidromet

Wednesday, February 22, the West warms up to nine degrees Celsius. On the North and East – from zero to two degrees above zero, and in the center from two to four degrees. This area will be rain with sleet. The warmest February 22 will be in the South of the country – from six to eight degrees Celsius. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the day will be a little rain.

The weather forecast for February 22. Photo: Ukrgidromet

On 23 February in Ukraine is expected sharp warming. So, in the South of the country the thermometer column will rise to 14 degrees Celsius. In the center – to-eight degrees above zero, on the West, North and center – will warm up to seven degrees, and in the East up to six degrees. Throughout the country except the South, the rain with wet snow.

Weather forecast for February 23. Photo: Ukrgidromet

On Friday, February 24, partly cloudy weather is expected in the South and centre of the country, the rest of the – partly cloudy. In the southern regions the temperature will rise to the level of 13 degrees Celsius, in the East, centre and North of the country up to seven degrees above zero.

Weather forecast for February 24. Photo: Ukrgidromet

On output in Ukraine is slightly colder – the average day temperature will fluctuate in the range of four to seven degrees Celsius. The rains will be held throughout the country, except in Sumy region.

National weather forecast

February 21 marks the day of remembrance of the prophet Zechariah of Serpulids, informs a portal “Weatherman”. If the thunder could count on a rich harvest, large offspring in animals and frequent rains in the summer. Our ancestors, it was noticed that the colder last week February, the warmer will be the month of March.

On February 22, the people called Nikifor-Pankraty. From that day the bitter cold more often only at night. Our ancestors said: “Nicephorus the night is dark — escapes winter” — the sky without stars, indicates an early spring. Was a tradition at Nikifor to collect different seeds, put them on three of the morning in the cold and delay their planting. It was believed that this gives greater stability to the plants to temperature changes.

23 Feb revered the memory of the monk Prokhor of Pechersk. In the Holy nation called Prokhorov-Samooh and said, “Prochorus the old woman sighed: “Oh, studeno!” Came Prokhor Yes Vlas (February 24): “No spring is coming at us?” “Prokhor — to heat turn.” People noticed, if 23, 24, 25 February the frost on the trees, it will rain the Mokios Wet (may 24), this means that the summer will be wet.

February 24 is the commemoration day of St. Blaise of Sebaste. To Blaise was the frost: Christmas, Epiphany, afanasievskii, Timofeevskaya, and Nikolsky. But vlasievskii frost was considered the most “cool”, and the last. The people said: “will Shed some Blaise of butter on the road — winter it is time to remove the feet”, because in that day were often thaw.

25 Feb revered the memory of St. Alexis, the Wonderworker. The people on February 25 was called the day of Alex Fish, because if this day came the thaw and summer will be good to be caught fish. From that day for three days exhibited on morning frost grain intended for planting, saying that touched by frost seeds give a better harvest. If Alexei starry sky, you can expect chleborad. And Sunny day promised a good crop of apples.