Celebrated Shrove Tuesday has become more expensive by 20%: as increased in price pancakes

Pancakes traditional on Shrove Tuesday, which takes place from 20 to 26 February, Ukrainians will cost 20% more than a year ago. To such conclusion experts of the “Today” calculate the cost “pancake set” for a family of four (50 pieces). On request “Today,” experts of the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation (UAC) has analyzed the varied prices of the key ingredients of pancakes (see infographic) and thereby increased the total cost of the Goodies.

“SET”. According to an exclusive calculation of var, 50 pancakes without any toppings will cost the owner in 67 UAH. This is almost 20% more than a year ago, in 2016, the same amount of pancakes for a family of four people would pull on 57 UAH. The rise in prices, analysts UAK explain the increase in the prices of almost all basic products included in the classic recipe. “During the year the cost of cooking a plate of pancakes increased by 17.9%, or from 57 to 67 UAH UAH. In particular, the greatest influence on the offset price pancakes in the direction of growth had dairy products, because milk 2,5% fat went up by 32.5% and butter 73% fat — 36.5%. Now these two ingredients account for more than 64.5 percent of the waste that will have to take on holiday cooking. A year ago the cost of a load of pancakes dairy ingredients were 56.9%”, — explained the analyst of the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation Dmitry Dane. According to him, milk has risen strongly for several reasons — the difficult situation in livestock (livestock producers have reduced state support), reduction of livestock, the growth of prices for milk and dairy products on world markets, which certainly affected the prices in Ukraine. Increased in price and other ingredients of the classic recipe of pancakes, but their appreciation was not as impressive, as is the case with dairy products. “For example, during the year, more moderate growth demonstrated flour — by 3.8%, sugar — by 3.2%,” — says the Dane.

CHEAPER. At the same time, the rapid growth of the cost of the pancakes slightly eased the decline in prices for eggs — over-year prices have slid down by 6.3%. “Given the fact that the structure of the pancake cooking key dishes eggs take almost 25% of the costs, the decline in the cost of a dozen eggs by 6.3% can be considered as an important indicator. But, unfortunately, this was not enough for the cost of the pancakes to compensate for the rising prices of milk,” explains the Dane. It is worth noting that, in addition to eggs, more accessible for the Ukrainians was the salt which, compared to last season, is now cheaper by 9.7%. But this does not affect the final cost to pancakes, because the proportion of salt in the structure of the meals are very small.

FORECASTS. As told “Today” the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko, in the coming months the prices of most of the “pancake” ingredients will not increase: “Eggs can go down to 1 UAH/dozen, sugar by 30-50 UAH/kg, the cost of dairy products has stabilized. I do not exclude that it may slowly go up the butter. Closer to may increase the price of flour, but not much — 50-60 UAH/kg. the price of the calf will depend on the dollar”.

How much pull pancakes

Many Ukrainians are not averse to spice up your favorite pancakes of different Goodies — sour cream, jam and even caviar, if the wallet allows. However, any of these supplements would be a serious waste of the family budget, because during the year the jam jar 250 ml rose by 32%, or 7 UAH, in result, now this delicacy costs 22 UAH. Package of sour cream 15% fat 500 g also “grew up” during the year the price is 34.1%, or UAH 5. Today this item can be purchased for 21 UAH.

Finally, if you want pancakes to turn into a delicious dish, you can purchase two 120-gram jars of caviar, each of which will now cost on average UAH 120. It should be noted that for the year overseas caviar has increased in price by 17%, or 20 UAH. In the end, 50 pancakes for a family of 4 persons with strawberry jam or sour cream will cost about the same in 89 and 88 UAH, respectively. But with red caviar — in 307 UAH. Want to save money, experts advise to abandon the fillings or to replace milk, butter and eggs for cheaper alternatives.