The American Conservative (USA): what is “institutional racism”?

Sometimes important political events occur in the country like a fog from the eponymous poem by Sandberg “quietly sneaking up on soft cat’s paws”, working silently and unnoticed, until you cover the whole country. One such example is the appearance of Donald trump four years ago. It was a noisy and vociferous a candidate, but to many he seemed a kind of political clown who will inevitably be defeated. Policy of establishment almost all the polls believed that “blue wall” electoral supremacy of the Democratic party will survive in the struggle with this man. The Midwest will hold firmly, and Hillary Clinton will become President.

But the country silently with teary fog. Voters from the middle class living in the heart of America, is increasingly felt that the country something is wrong that the leaders of the nation change for the worse, and in the process these changes are destroying their future. But there were no street protests, no fiery rhetoric, no rallying civil society or public demands. The mainstream media, merged with the elite of the country, have not noticed anything serious in society, although there is something to boil. What to notice something? It seemed to them that everything is fine.

But unhappy just waited, silently hoping that the time will come and they will speak in a quiet and sacred voting booths. They spoke, and Donald trump became President. This was not expecting anyone.

Something similar could happen after a large-scale street protests, followed by riots, looting, violence and destruction. This is all a reaction to the horrible death of George Floyd at the hands of brutal police off the neck, black knee and held it so nearly nine minutes. That white COP can so easily take the life of an African American, became the reason of national grieving and soul-searching. Of course, public opinion polls showed that the people widely support the peaceful demonstration, organized to honor the memory of George Floyd and condemn those responsible for his senseless death.

However, the surveys also showed that people are terribly outraged by the riots and looting. Thus, the drama associated with the death of Floyd, including outbreaks of violence and destruction, and strengthening the aggressive rhetoric from the left flank has exacerbated existing political tensions underlying the current unrest. It demonstrated that America is rapidly becoming two States with two narrative lines about the times in which we live, and the problems that we face.

One such storyline we call liberal. In recent years it is performed more actively, especially after the death of George Floyd. The main idea is that America is inherently racist country afflicted with certain illness called “systemic racism.” It is not always possible to see. He often hides behind a facade of false benevolence of white people. Nevertheless, he lurks in their hearts, and acting cunningly and subtly, diminishing minorities, especially blacks, and making them feel inferior.

According to this concept, this system civil virus creates special problems in police stations across the country, where violent racism is a serious threat to blacks, especially young black men. The conductors of this narrative line trying to convince us that innocent blacks are increasingly killing across America on a wave of uncontrolled fanaticism and cruelty of law enforcement agencies.

This concept of a systemic racism and the persistence of violence against black Americans is the logical conclusion. It is that white should be put in place for the sins of their ancestors, and also for their hypocrisy. Accordingly, is required to subject them to humiliation and insults. In recent years this part of the concept of systemic racism is becoming more blatant and flagrant.

There is another concept, conservative, and she wears mostly protective in nature. According to her, racism is certainly present in the ruling circles, and this problem should be solved when it becomes noticeable. Racial discrimination in the police, too, must be combated whenever and wherever it made itself known. However, since 1960-ies, when the era of the civil rights struggle, achieved a tremendous success in the fight against open racism, the elimination of barriers to equal opportunities and the recognition of racial feelings and grievances of the minorities. The problem with systemic racism is that it is too uncertain and vague phenomenon, to analyze which is clearly impossible. And so, even if it exists (which many dispute), to effectively address this problem it is impossible.

If to speak about police racism which leads to killing blacks in large numbers, the statistics is just not confirmed. Heather MacDonald (Heather Mac Donald) from the Manhattan Institute notes that according to the database of the newspaper “Washington Post”, in 2019, the police killed nine unarmed black (and white unarmed 19). Taking into account the total number of black victims of murders (in 2018 there were 7 407), MacDonald found that the number of those killed by police, unarmed blacks is about 0.1% of all those killed in the 2019 African Americans. It reinforces its position data of research of the National Academy of Sciences, from a review of the activities of the Philadelphia police, conducted by the Ministry of justice, as well as from analytical work of an economist at Harvard University. The study of the Academy of Sciences was not found “considerable evidence of disparities in the murders of blacks committed by police officers”.

After the murder of Floyd the liberal narrative line very quickly took the upper hand in the political discourse of America. It can be seen everywhere — in the most leading media in the gloomy statements of the excited public associations in delusional statements of celebrities, the mass demonstrations and, of course, the riots and looting, destroying businesses, depriving people of livelihoods and destroyed entire neighborhoods.

The liberal conception defend it loudly, with complete disregard for the opinions of others and with such violence that does not tolerate the slightest manifestation of dissent, and even passivity. Think about the feelings of drew Brees, famous quarterback of the club of the National football League “new Orleans Saints. He was asked not revive after the death of Floyd players of the NFL tradition of protests against racial injustice, becoming on one knee during a performance of US national anthem before games. Brice said that he would not participate in such protests, because “never agree with those who are disrespectful to the flag of the United States of America.” He then eloquently and sincerely expressed his feelings of patriotism, remembering their ancestors who fought during the war, and the courage of the fighters for civil rights, who tried to make America better.

And what is the result? A wave of indignation and condemnation, malicious attacks and vile hatred. A good example was the article of a black sportswriter for the Washington Post named Jerry brewer (Jerry Brewer). First he praised the Bris, calling it “one of the most exceptional people in the world of sports”, the man who became the “personification of nature, of kindness and mercy, that is, what people are looking for in a sporting role models”. But even if he is a good guy and good man, growled brewer, this does not mean that he can afford to distance themselves from the protests in the spirit of Colin Kapernik.

Brice, wrote brewer, proved to be “insensitive and misguided idiots…ignorant and hanashima to think someone who is very much in need of expanding horizons”. It was journalistic thought control in action, and it gave the result. Bris humbly apologized, twice, for their sins against humanity.

Jerry brewer has become a sort of enforcer, force seek recognition that the liberal narrative line is immutable and sacred, and that no one has the right to say or do something that puts it into question. The same motifs seen in the reaction to the speech of the coach of the female basketball team of the University of Washington Jody Wynn. In response to the death of George Floyd she made a heartfelt statement expressing its concern. In particular, Wynn said, “We must stand together with our black Americans and to achieve justice! Black, brown, yellow…ALL lives matter!”

Here’s the thing. You can’t say it. This systemic racism in action. Here we are talking about the lives of black and be confused with the expressions of concern in relation to other racial groups is absolutely unacceptable. Her Twitter account was blocked, as reported by the newspaper “Seattle times” (Seattle Times), and Quinn is very quickly released another statement in which he stressed that it is talking only about the lives of blacks. “I would like to sincerely apologize,” she wrote humbly. And then he added: “I understand that my words were painfully received colored…In that moment I learned an important and hard lesson, and I am determined to learn… how we can achieve change”. Wynne has vowed to fight for changes that will end racism.

But the liberal conception it is not enough to intimidate and humiliate the heroic people like drew Brees, forcing them to repent of their genuine patriotism. They also refuse to condemn the riots and looting that we see on television screens, while local police chiefs don’t want to counteract this. Why? Here everything is clear. They want to preserve and protect the concept inspiring the left and podlivaya oil on the fire of heated debate about American politics.

The fundamental essence of this narrative line is more brutal and explosive offensive on the part of our nation — white men. Proponents of this concept with the ever-increasing aggressiveness declare that they are guilty of the sins of their ancestors, the racism of the past. And they have to admit guilt, should receive the remission of sins through repentance and self-abasement.

All this stark reality was captured on video, which showed the day before yesterday in the program of Tucker Carlson on “Fox news”. A young white woman walking down the street in new York city during the protests. To her man and says that he is working on the movement “Black lives matter.” “Because I work for this company, — says the man (he is white), my Director told me to go out on the street today and put you on your knees, because you have white privilege. So if they see white up on his knees, it will be a demonstration of solidarity with this position”.

The woman slowly, not saying anything, kneels on the sidewalk.

“Oh, and, excuse me, please,’ said the man. — Well, you know, for their privileges of the white man”.

The woman is confused, she doesn’t know what to say.

“Just apologize” — politely insists the man.

“I’m trying to come up with words to thank you,” the woman said.

Undoubtedly, many members of the American elite thinks this scene is touching and even inspiring. Young white woman gets on her knees and apologizing for… for what? Certainly not for what she did, as far as we know. No, she was humiliated because of her race, and she agreed with it, apparently considering that this is a normal consequence of its origin.

But many Americans will see it that way. They will see this as racial attacks and terrible usurpation of power. Cry about “systemic racism” is a threat to the white man. We all know that racism in this country is the most powerful social taboo. Even innocent clauses and harmless observations can cause violent attacks, public and professional sanctions, ostracism. Such statements are a serious threat to millions of Americans. And even supporters of the liberal concepts are powerful levers of political influence.

But if America got infected by systemic racism, who these system are racists? Certainly not those who are pushing this very liberal concept. At least, they think so, and nothing else. And liberals with cable news, enthusiastically throwing such accusations. And not the Hollywood clique, constantly talking about it. Not clever heads of analytical centers with their phony studies and graphs. And not the democratic establishment, persistently and persistently pursuing the policy of identity. And professional celebrities, whose renown, as it seems, makes them authoritative and influential figures. And not the top of the meritocratic elite, who led a blameless life in lavish mansions behind high fences. And certainly not of American minorities, which day by day were treated to this very liberal concept.

And who’s left? White from middle and working class who have found themselves in dire economic situation due to the impoverishment of the country’s industrial base and are struggling to survive in the new world of services and high technology. And now they also have to think about what would be material evidence for elites which persistently and stubbornly looking for evidence of systemic racism. And again, these people were in the position of a pathetic and downtrodden.

It frightens people who just want to live my life without thinking about the fact that they stand out from the crowd and be called examples of systemic racism, and then held accountable for dangerous omissions, for example, the idea that all lives have value, or for some harmless racial comments, which a few years ago did not cause any surprise, much less indignation, neither white nor black.

When there comes a political reaction, but it happens inevitably, it will creep in quietly, on soft cat paws. And the elite of the country its coming will not notice, quietly thinking that the accusations of systemic racism worked brilliantly, frightening the remaining dissenters and forcing them to obedience.

It is unclear whether it will help Trump in November. He failed in his presidency, as a collective electorate rarely rewards presidents who have failed a second time. But problems will intensify, the white Americans will hound and haunt the left with its policy of identity and disdain for the American middle class, will start new demonstrations and new riots that will take place with even more destructive force. And then there will be an opposition movement. Most likely, it will sneak up to the political establishment quietly, as the fog of Sandberg. But get close to him, it will not be silent.