In Germany, Russia plays the Chechen card – Frankfurter Allgemeine

In recent years more and more young Chechens in Germany join the Salafis, many have come ready militant Islamists, some radicalized on the spot. This is stated in the article political commentator of the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Marcus Venus, writes Inopressa.

Particularly relevant is the problem in the Eastern regions of Germany. In Berlin, for example, the Chechens for several years identify potential terrorists; in the Federal state of Brandenburg interior Ministry has 80-90 radical Islamists, the majority of which are Chechens.

Before the Islamists from the Russian Chechnya did not cause serious concerns of the German secret service, as “Caucasus Emirate” viewed Germany as a “springboard for retreat and recreation,” says Venus. But in recent years, after the organization has submitted the terrorist organization “Islamic state”, everything changed.

Just since 2012 with a request to provide asylum in Germany turned 36 thousand Chechens, most arrived in the country without a valid passport and visa. Last year alone, the application for asylum in Germany were filed by 12.2 thousand Russian citizens, of them 9,85 thousand, i.e. more than 80% – the Chechens. This year, according to the author, from 15.5 thousand the Russians filed applications more than 13.6 (90%) belonged to the Chechens.

One of the explanations for this wave, the author considers the lack of interest of Russia to stop the flow of illegal migrants to Germany. “The Russian side wants to show Germany that can create a problem, but it may be eliminated,” the article says.

Russia has contributed to the migration crisis in Germany, which splits the country, and even more it worsens. “Therefore, Russia is beneficial to play the Chechen card,” – said Wehner.

By the way, during the negotiations with the Russians, which the German side asked to stop the influx of Chechens, Russian officials assured that we are not talking about the people from the Russian North Caucasian Republic, and the Chechens from Kazakhstan. But that’s not true, said Wehner, as the percentage of Chechens deported to Kazakhstan by Stalin during the Second world war, there are only 0.2% of the population.

“Surely in this case, migration is used as a weapon? says Wehner. – The German police, as stated in the response to the request, there is no evidence that the flow of migrants from Chechnya are driving. But at the same time, they are confident that the Russian authorities and secret services aware of the fact that thousands of Chechens through Belarus and Poland go to Germany”.

One of the employees of the German government describes the experience of cooperation with Russia in questions of illegal migration in the following way: “what brings problems to the Germans, is the ACE in the hole Russian”.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal wrote that “friends” of Russia came to power in Germany. In particular, it was noted that the new President of the German social Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who has previously held the position of Minister of foreign Affairs. Steinmeier is known for its desire to improve relations with Russia. He was succeeded by Sigmar Gabriel, also a social Democrat who shares views on Russian politics of the new President of Germany.