What natural scents repel mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love the smell of the human body and feel it for a few meters. There are several natural remedies which are very good to repel mosquitoes. Use them to sleep in peace, writes eparazit.ru.

Odors, mosquitoes repellent:

  • These insects dislike the smell of pine needles, and almost any. To get them to fly, you can put spruce or pine needles in several places. And to increase the odor, ignite the bark and needles of coniferous trees on fire. In addition, suitable and essential oils, such as cedar, pine, cypress, juniper, spruce.
  • Unpleasant mosquitoes is eucalyptus. It is easiest to use in the form of essential oil.
  • Vanilla. Her scent quite effectively repels midges and mosquitoes. It is advisable to use natural vanilla, but used in cooking vanilla or even vanilla essential oil. Simply dissolve in a glass of warm water sachet of vanillin or a few drops of essential oil. Then use the resulting aromatic liquid for skin treatment, clothing, furniture or accessories.
  • Mint, lemon balm. Used as dried or fresh leaves of these plants, and manufactured on the basis of their essential oil (dissolve them in water or mix with baby cream or vaseline oil).
  • Well scare away mosquitoes smell of tobacco smoke, so these insects are almost never flies to smokers.
  • Plants with a distinct sharp odor. These include lemongrass, thyme, Wheatgrass, wild cherry, wormwood, Basil, anise and thyme.
  • Smoke. Anyone who has ever been on a picnic or Hiking, knows that insects are never closer to the fire, as they are deterred by the smell of smoke released during the combustion of wood.
  • Sharply scented flowers also repel mosquitoes, so feel free to use them. Particularly damaging to these insects, the scents of geranium, lavender, carnations, chrysanthemums, Persian chamomile.
  • Cinnamon is quite pronounced and vivid fragrance that also repels mosquitoes. To use it just. You can dissolve a small amount of this seasoning in warm water and put the capacity somewhere.
  • Valerian. You can just place it in a rag or piece of cloth soaked in the tincture of Valerian or in the essential oil of this plant.
  • Repels mosquitoes and some other insects, the smell of citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, orange, lime. Can be used to spray the juice. You can also use the peel, which contains a fairly large number of essential oils. Just put a few skins on the perimeter of the room or beside him.
  • Garlic has a strong odor repellent to mosquitoes and other insects. Try to clear and put next to a few slices. Better yet, cut them or grate, it would enhance the smell.
  • The tea tree. Its essential oil not only repels mosquitoes, but also helps to get rid of the consequences of bites, such as redness, itching and swelling.
  • Soap also has a strong and extremely unpleasant smell for mosquitoes. To use this remedy simple. Grate soap on a grater and tablespoon of received chips dissolve in a glass of warm water. Then, the resulting liquid treat exposed areas of the body.
  • Alcohol, especially ammonia, will also cause insects to fly away.