The results of the week: in Ukraine continue to close banks, and people are actively looking for a job abroad


increased by 4%

the retail trade turnover in 2016 in comparable prices compared to the same period in 2015, reported state statistics Committee. In nominal terms, the turnover amounted to 1159,3 billion. The greatest increase was recorded in Lviv (7.5%), Poltava (6,6%), Odessa (6.3 percent), Kiev (6%), Zaporizhzhya (5,5%), Khmelnytskyi (4.6 per cent), Kharkiv (4,3%) regions and Kyiv (4.8 per cent).

2.2 billion UAH

sent last year to the construction of roads in their areas custom-participants of the experiment on the distribution of surplus income. More all listed Lviv custom 870 million UAH, Kiev city custom 597 million UAH, Odessa – 368 million UAH in Chernivtsi – 316 million UAH, Volyn – UAH 112 million. This experiment was launched in 2015 and extended to 2017

3762 camera

CCTV installed in Kiev over the last two months, will soon install 4,000 more, which will bring together in a single city-wide CCTV installation. 3423 cameras are installed in schools, kindergartens, clinics and hospitals; 33 — the objects of culture, including museums and theatres; 306 — in the city centre and road bridges across the Dnieper. One camera with all-round visibility posted on Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

increased by 21.8%

over the past year the flow of tourists from Ukraine to Georgia to 173 thousand. According to the Embassy of Georgia, only in 2016, the country was visited by a 6.35 million tourists, which is 7.6% more than in 2015.

Georgia. Photo:

630 candidates

selected by results of competition for the vacant positions in the local Prosecutor’s office. Of which: 77% – without work experience in bodies of Prosecutor’s office; 16% employees of prosecution bodies; 7% – former employees of bodies of Prosecutor’s office.

about 1.3 million invitations

for temporary work issued to Ukrainians in Poland last year. Also issued 125 thousand invitations for a permanent job.

12 million UAH

the Ministry of justice spent over two years on lawyers in the case on the return of Scythian gold from the Netherlands.

5.7 million euros

investing the European Union, Sweden and Estonia in a four-year e-government project “Support to e-government for decentralization in Ukraine (EGOV4UKRAINE)” in the program U-LEAD, which should improve the interaction between the authorities.

800 thousand euros

The EU and the Swedish international development Agency (Sida) intends to provide 24 United territorial communities of Ukraine on the establishment of centers of administrative services in 2017.

to increase by 10%

tariffs for transportation of passengers and Luggage by rail offers the Ministry of Infrastructure on 1 April and 1 October and by another 10% in all categories of trains and carriages (except carriages of the 1st class train “intercity+”).

about 20 thousand people

now is nikoplast of personnel in the police said the Deputy chief of national police Konstantin Bushuev. To date, tenders for the replacement of 3.2 thousand vacant posts. Special attention is paid to the recruiting departments of the police patrol.

2167 persons

or 91% of all depositors of “Fortuna-Bank” will receive their money in full, because their deposits do not exceed the state guaranteed amount. On 26 January, the NBU Board decided to classify this Bank to category insolvent. On October 1, 2016, he was 38th by assets among the 100 in force at the time of Ukrainian banks.

Photo: V. Lazebnik Today


And 70.13 billion UAH

made up the budget deficit in 2016, reported the state Treasury. Limit the size of the deficit law on the state budget was set at 83,69 billion. According to the estimate of nominal GDP for last year to 2.36 trillion UAH, carried out by the national Bank, the budget deficit in 2016 amounted to 2.97% of GDP.

increased to 9.1% from 8%

its inflation forecast for 2017 national Bank. The main reason for the increase in the minimum wage.

increased to 2.8% from 2.5%

The national Bank its forecast of GDP growth in 2017 and 2018 on lowered to 3% from 3.5%. According to estimates of the Central Bank, economic growth in 2016 was 1.8%. Recall that, in accordance with the agreement on the restructuring of external debt, Ukraine will pay the debenture holders additional returns if GDP growth will exceed 3%. If the growth will be from 3 to 4%, the payout will be 15% of the excess. For example, with growth of 3.5% will need to pay creditors 15% of 0.5% of GDP. With growth of over 4% on the excess you need to pay 40% as a Supplement to the 15% that are paid for exceeding the 3%. The first payment is scheduled for early 2021, Its size will be calculated on the basis of indicators 2019

21.3 billion dollars

expects to have by the end of 2017, as the NBU foreign exchange reserves and by the end of 2018 – 27.1 billion dollars, expecting to receive the planned tranches from the IMF. These funds are urgently needed, given the fact that this year Ukraine needs to pay the external debt of 2.6 billion dollars, and in 2019 – $ 7.5 billion. Plus in question of payments of the Russian loan of $ 3 billion, which is now resolved in court.

37.5% of

was the share of the European market in total volume of Ukrainian export in the first 11 months of 2016, which in absolute figures is 12.2 billion dollars and 3.1% exceeds a similar indicator 2015 – calculated in the Ministry of economy. The share of Russia in total exports decreased to 9.8% and is 3.2 billion dollars.

decreased by 33%

in 2016, in annual terms, the number of court cases involving authorities of the State fiscal service. But the amount of these cases increased by UAH 1.5 bn, or 0.7%. By results of consideration of court cases in favor of the SFS in the past year, the budget received UAH 2.9 billion.

decreased by 2%

over the past year the number of court disputes related to appeal of decisions of customs. On January 1, 2017 in the courts was 5.9 thousand such cases at a total cost of 2.6 billion. Considered 2.4 thousand cases in the amount of 751,8 million UAH, from them in favor of customs solved 769 cases in the amount of 340.2 million.

increased by 20%

over the past year the number of commercial flights were made by Ukrainian airlines – to 79,5 million Passengers transported more than 31.3% – 8,28 million people.

22,4 billion UAH

the value added tax declared payable payers in January, which is 71% higher than in January last year and is the highest figure in the history of the tax administration, the head of the SFS Roman Nasirov.

increased by 13.1%

last year the volume of construction enterprises of Ukraine – to 70.9 billion, reported state statistics Committee. The volume of works on construction of residential buildings increased by 13%, non-residential facilities by 17.4% and engineering construction decreased by 11%.

Photo: A. Yaremchuk, “Today”

An 8.875% per annum

is the yield of evroobligatsiy, of which $ 500 million was placed “kernel”, one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural groups. Demand for its securities exceeded the supply in two and a half times. Initially, the placement yield was estimated to be 9.25-9.5% per annum. This location became a landmark, because it opens access for Ukrainian issuers to the international debt market after a three year pause.

grew 10.9%

for 2016, the electricity exports from Ukraine to 4.0 billion kWh, said the Ministry of energy. And according to GFS, the income from these exports grew by only 1.3 percent to 152 million dollars.

increased by 4.7%

over the past year, coal production in Ukraine (excluding the temporarily occupied territory), to 29.5 million tonnes.

grew by 0.6 percent

natural gas production in Ukraine over the past year to 19.6 billion cubic meters.

fell by 10.9%

oil production in Ukraine in 2016 – to 1.61 million tonnes.

The world

increased by 14%

in 2016, private investment in infrastructure assets around the world and reached a record 413 billion dollars, according to the Agency Preqin. The number of transactions remained almost at the level of the previous year 1772. “Green” energy projects in the world last year accounted for 42% of transactions, up from 39% at the end of 2015, the Largest deal last year was the agreement of Rosneft on construction of an oil refinery on the island of Java (Indonesia) in the amount of $ 13 billion.

exceeded 20 thousand points

on the morning of January 25, Dow Jones – it happened for the first time in history. Since 8 November, when presidential elections were held, won by Donald trump, the index rose by almost 10%. It is calculated on the basis of the quotations of the 30 largest U.S. companies.

586 million dollars

agreed to pay US authorities as a penalty in the world’s largest payment system Western Union, which admitted aiding and abetting the laundering of funds, which was done by Chinese immigrants.

100 billion yuan

or 14,55 billion Fund of this size has created China to support investment in the Internet sector. The aim of the authorities is to turn it into a major player in the market of Internet technologies.

35.8 billion dollars

surplus of external trade in goods recorded in Japan by the end of 2016, a Positive result marked the first time in the last six years. He has contributed to the reduction of oil imports in terms of value, as well as an increase in exports at the end of the year.