Forecast for summer: the dollar, the prices of food and fuel

The coming summer promises to Ukrainians stable and not very expensive dollar and lower prices for fuel and some foods. Already cheaper potatoes, carrots, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes. Alas, there will be “biting” berries and fruits, a considerable part of the crop that was lost due to severe spring frosts.

PRODUCTS. Cheaper food is, the role of seasonal factors, explain economists. Prices on average could fall by 10% or more.

“Increasing supply from farms and households: milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and berries, — says the Executive Director of the Economic discussion club (EDK), Oleg Pendzin. — The increased milk production will reduce prices on yogurt, cheese and sour cream. Due to the fact that Ukrainians prefer summer dishes of vegetables, fruits and berries, falling demand for meat, so prices will remain stable (80-120 UAH/kg depending on the varieties). But sugar definitely will rise because of the conservation season (2-3 UAH/kg). Will continue “creeping” higher prices of bread.”

Director of the Association of suppliers of targeta Alexey Doroshenko predicts that strawberries and cherries are unlikely to cost less than UAH 30/kg in retail, and peaches and apricots — 40 UAH/kg, a third more than a year ago. Also, according to Doroshenko, 2 UAH per dozen (up to 12-14 UAH) expensive eggs.

By the way, the General Director of “Union of poultry breeders of Ukraine” Sergey Karpenko has said that the cost of a dozen eggs — 13-14 UAH per dozen, that is in retail may be closer to the fall and 18.

CURRENCY. Experts do not promise a further strengthening of the hryvnia, on the contrary, yesterday, it fell against the dollar by 4 cents, or to 26.34 USD per dollar in a cash sale. “In the summer of steelmakers will not be able to provide, as in the first quarter of large receipts of currency from-for the begun since April, falling prices for their products in world markets, and also due to the blocking of the enterprises in the Donbass, analyzes economist Ivan Nikitchenko. A new tranche from the IMF will not be to the pension and land reforms, that is, until the end of 2017. In the end we get a corridor in summer is 25,8—26,5 UAH/$”.

A member of the EDC Igor garbaruk also predicts the stability of the hryvnia in summer, noting that possible small oscillations in the hallway 26-27 UAH.

Petrol may be slightly cheaper

Motorists can be assured — the price of fuel will remain stable all summer. “The market is very large reserves of oil, so the rising prices traders not thinking — analyzes the situation Director of the consulting group “A-95″ Sergey Kuiun. — It is likely that prices in retail in Ukraine will even go down, but how and when is hard to say. The same applies to liquefied car gas. The world price of oil also is not growing, although the OPEC countries agreed on may 25 that will not increase its production”. Yet, according to “A-95”, the average price of oil in the summer will be $51-52,5, plus or minus $1-1,5. Gasoline a-95 costs UAH 25,1/l, diesel fuel 22 and 79 UAH/l, petrol 11,42 UAH/liter.

Director of energy programmes of the SEC “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtsev also says that the price of gasoline and diesel fuel will remain stable all summer, but for regular customers, the major networks continue to give discounts to 2 UAH/l, in spring. “The worst situation is with gas — if Russia will introduce restrictions on exports to Ukraine, the fuel may rise to 1 UAH/l and more,” predicts Ryabtsev.