Appendicitis in children can be cured with antibiotics – study

Appendicitis in children can be successfully treated with antibiotics. This was announced by the doctors once performed a meta-analysis of existing publications.

The results of their research are published in the article in the journal Pediatrics.

During the experiment, scientists analyzed 10 studies that examined cases of appendicitis in a total of 766 children from around the world found that 413 of them were able to cure acute uncomplicated appendicitis with antibiotics only.

In these studies treatment with antibiotics was considered as compared to the operational and of itself. Among children who were treated only with antibiotics, the proportion recovered was 97%. However, 14% of children not subjected to operations in the future are faced with a relapse of appendicitis.

It is noted that this is only preliminary findings and further research is needed in this area, scientists warn. They categorically do not recommend to treat all children from appendicitis with antibiotics and stress that when a child’s illness should be taken to the hospital and show the surgeon.