In Ukraine will recalculate the subsidy on electricity

In March 2017, Ukraine will result in a recalculation of subsidies in connection with the planned increase in electricity prices. It is reported by the government portal Teplo.

In addition, subsidianes, heating bills which are formed according to the rule based on the actual outdoor temperature will be compensated the difference is due to a change of the tariff for heat.

We will remind, since March 1, Ukraine will again increase the cost of electricity for the population. This is the last of the planned in 2015 the relevant national Commission (NKREKU) stages of growth of tariffs for “light”.

“Preferential” tariff is only valid for the first 100 kWh consumed. since the 101st kWh Ukrainians will have to pay a General rate. Now on the highest rate paid by those who consume more than 600 kWh per month. So, up to 100 kWh cost of 1 kWh is 90 cents. The 101st kWh or more will cost 1 UAH 68 cents.

The current rate

up to 100 kWh
0,714 UAH

100 – 600 kWh
1,29 UAH

more than 600 kWh
1,638 UAH

The new tariff

up to 100 kWh
0,9 UAH

more than 100 kWh
UAH 1.68