At the Ukrainian border confiscated a unique car

At a checkpoint in shehyni border guards detained the car, which made them of special interest. Unknown model German registration seemed to guards suspicious, so she was sent for additional examination. In the end, it turned out that the VIN number in the documents and the body do not match each other. The driver said that he knew nothing about the origin of the car and just trailered it, transfers “Autoblog”.

In the end, the guards confiscated an unfamiliar car, which is really little known. After all, it is the MPM Motors PS 160 is a four – door sports car, developed in Russia, but published in France.

PS 160 is a copy of the model Tagaz Aquila, production of which started at the Taganrog automobile plant in 2013. Unusual machine was unclaimed in the local market, but in December 2016, on the release said the French company MPM Motors.