The country needs a clear answer to the question about trump’s ties with Russia

Perhaps the news that the environment of the President, trump maintained contacts with officials of the Russian intelligence services during the year before the presidential election, as reported by the New York Times on Tuesday, February 14, would have caused less trouble if the President responded to, explaining, or condemning those contacts, and recognizing the need to conduct impartial investigation. Instead, on Wednesday morning, he posted half a dozen tweets in which he simultaneously rejected the news and criticized whistleblowers who have disclosed this information. In doing so, he gave the Republicans and the Democrats is an additional reason to require a response to questions about his troubled and uneasy relations with Moscow.


“Spreading false news media went crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred, — I wrote to Mr. trump on Twitter. — This nonsense about the relations with Russia is just an attempt to hide the many mistakes made during the failed campaign of Hillary Clinton.” He added: “the Real scandal here is that the secret data are illegally distributed “intelligence” like candy. Very UN-American!”

The White house’s position, namely that questions about the relations of the electoral headquarters of the trump with Russia are a reflection of the war that the intelligence community told the President, makes little sense. It is worth noting that the FBI took on the role of a leader in the investigation of the contacts of the assistants of Mr. trump with Russian officials. We are talking about the same Agency, whose questionable findings related emails from Ms. Clinton may have helped Mr. Trump to win the election. Moreover, among those who are genuinely concerned about possible connections of Mr. trump with representatives of the regime of Vladimir Putin, is not only a staunch supporter of Ms. Clinton, and many senators from both parties.


It is worth noting that the public still doesn’t know much. The obvious nature of the relations remains very vague. No direct evidence that representatives of the campaign headquarters of Mr. trump talked with Russian officials to increase his chances of winning, no. However, even individual details which we know, have questioned the previous statements of Mr. trump that no member of his campaign staff had no contact with the Russians during the election campaign. Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) once again reiterated this on Tuesday, February 14, a few hours before the appearance of information indicating otherwise. His credibility — and the credibility of the White house in General — experienced a powerful blow after just four weeks of the new administration.


Quite glad to hear that the FBI spent considerable resources to investigate possible links between the environment, Mr. trump and the foreign government seeking to weaken the US and its allies. Because of his close ties with his campaign, Mr. trump’s attorney-General Jeff Seshns (Jeff Sessions) is to distance himself from taking any decisions relating to this investigation.

However, new information released immediately after the forced resignation of adviser on national security issues Michael Flynn, in connection with his contacts with the Russian Ambassador, stressed the urgent need to conduct a more extensive investigation of the alleged intervention of Russia in election campaign. Members of the Senate Committee on intelligence insist that their Commission conducts a thorough check. However, it is quite possible, the Republicans would be powerful political pressure to get them to hush up the matter or to keep the main conclusions. High-ranking Republicans of the house of representatives, for example, still do not show any interest in conducting a serious inspection. If the congressional investigation would eventually be phased out for political reasons, you will need to create an independent Commission.