Latvia will ask NATO in case of threat to immediately send her five thousand soldiers

The government endorsed the signing of the Latvia’s agreement with NATO that in case of a military threat she awaits the arrival on its territory of crews, particularly rapid response of NATO.

The aforementioned team consists of approximately five thousand soldiers, supported by the Maritime, air and special operations. The operational units of these forces can be deployed and used within 48 in any of the NATO countries.

Earlier during international military exercises in Latvia, head of operational management unit for the integration of NATO forces Lieutenant Colonel Simon Budman confirmed that if necessary the “tip of the spear” of NATO forces are able to arrive at the assistance during the first two days of the conflict. Full-scale reinforcement of the Alliance will catch up during the week.

Latvia this year in the NATO response Force will represent about 160 soldiers. This year in the force 527 Latvian soldiers, including 45 of the sailors, 37 military police, Marines 140, 240 soldiers of the great Latvian contingent (infantry company, combat support elements and headquarters staff) and 65 Reserve soldiers.