Russia has become a burden to trump

The country, fearful of the Russian threat, breathed a sigh of relief when the adviser of the US President on national security issues, Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) has resigned. The official reason for the resignation is that even before the official entry of Donald trump in the post, he discussed in a telephone conversation issues of anti-Russian sanctions with the Russian Ambassador in Washington. Under U.S. law at the time he was a private person who is not supposed to interfere in diplomatic issues. Surprisingly, the retired General and intelligence chief did not understand what the conversation is sure to become known.

Flynn was important for trump in the election campaign. His position was considered clearly Pro-Russian.

A couple of people from the election team trump were forced to leave in the middle of the election campaign because of their ties with Russia. This confusion in the entourage of President of the United States has never been.

Trump is now necessary to show that they are not controlled from Moscow.

Probably, the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions will be postponed under Russian pressure, Ukraine will receive a break.

Official Russia is very cautious about sanctions and operates on the principle “do not say Ho until they are hatched”. Trump statements on this issue was extremely controversial. In a normal situation one adviser in the politics of a superpower is unimportant, but the administration trump there is no normal.

Guesses about the nature of the relationship of the tramp with Russia sometimes become like a cheap spy novel. Regardless of what the truth is, the story of Flynn talks about the real lack of professionalism of staff of the trump.

11 Feb trump had dinner with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Abe Mushrambo) in a private club in Florida when the news came of the unexpected conducting missile tests in North Korea. The President began to clarify the situation in the eyes of the astonished audience.

There’s a reason to think about how to act like the administration, if faced with a real crisis. In the settlement of relations with Russia, it has demonstrated clumsiness, which no one wins. Even Russia.