The quarantine was extended again after the new date

The easing of quarantine does not mean its complete abolition, explained the Prime Minister

Quarantine in Ukraine extended until may 22. This was stated at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers the head of government Denis Shmyhal.

He explained that the easing of quarantine does not mean its complete abolition.

“The quarantine will be extended to 22 may. Then we will see how will move the pandemic in the world and how will the fluctuations of the curve of morbidity in Ukraine”, – said Smigel.

The Prime Minister noted that the low level of morbidity today is the result of timely quarantine and disciplined attitude of Ukrainians to its implementation.

The quarantine, according to the Prime Minister, will be “adaptive”. If Ukraine may 11 prohibitions weaken, for those regions where “the epidemiological situation is worse than in the whole country,” the decision will be taken separately.

As a result, the government supported the amendments to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 211 on the introduction of quarantine, extending its action until 22 may. Change the extension of the restrictive measures are automatically entered in other documents which have previously indicated the validity of the quarantine until may 11.

As we have already mentioned, in an interview with “Today,” the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko told about the rules of the hairdressers after release of the quarantine on may 11. According to him, the sanitary regulations will be prescribed for establishments in all spheres.

Quarantine in Ukraine was extended until may 11, but the government is already being asked to get out of it sooner or at least loosen restrictive measures. At the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers April 29, Premier Denis Shmyhal made clear that Ukraine will not prematurely come out of the restrictive measures. The Cabinet has submitted a plan of Ukraine’s exit from quarantine, which involves five stages. First and foremost, if for ten consecutive days, the ratio of new cases COVID-19 among all the tested will not change or daily variance kept at 5%, the government will open up parks and recreation areas, some of the objects of the beauty industry, allowed workout team sports.

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