The Democrats should not lose his head because of Russia

Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) has set a new record for short tenure as national security adviser, having retired after 24 days after his appointment. The reason for this, apparently, was received from the Department of justice warning that Flynn lied to the White house, responding to a question about your discussion of sanctions with the Russian Ambassador. Their conversations were recorded under the routine surveillance of foreign diplomats, and someone “leaked” the details to reporters several publications (in the process of committing a crime).

The incident is a good reason to revisit obscure the situation of relations between Russia and the administration of the trump, and re-consider what should be the position of the Democrats on the issue of Russian espionage and Russian influence. The idea is to chart a course between excessive faith in the ability of Russia and excessive skepticism about the threat that Moscow poses to the goals of the left movement.

Let’s start with Russia during the elections of 2016. Every time I mention that, according to popular belief, hacking into computers of the National Democratic Committee and campaign Manager, Clinton John Podestà (John Podesta) was organized by Russian intelligence, I am faced with skepticism from some part of the left. No doubt, true that one of the main sources accusing Russia of hacking is the CIA, the organization which has a tradition of smug incompetence and any claims which should be read in connection with this extremely skeptical.

However, the fact that Russia was behind the hacking, speaks not only to that office. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence (journalists Vice list them here and here), including specific technical details and obvious link with the Russian state sources.

So, although the railway proved this version is not called, it looks convincing. Overall, the incident meets Russian strategic interests. Putin would be very happy with the cancellation of American sanctions, and Clinton was and remains extremely hostile to Russia and to Russian allies. Committing hacking — presumably it is not difficult to provide a advantage in elections more friendly presidential candidate is a pretty obvious move for any country in such a situation. The USA is ten times resorted to such methods. Judging by the fact that the Secretary eventually became Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson), recently head of the oil company ExxonMobil, which sanctions have caused billions in losses, the plan apparently worked.

But does this mean that Russians are solely responsible for the defeat of Clinton — as often argued in center-left circles? Of course not.

The story of the break-ins probably deprived Clinton of a certain amount of votes, but their loss has changed the balance of the election only due to the fact that the democratic candidate was extremely unpopular and this became clear at the end of 2015.

Should not be considered Russian by some Almighty puppet masters. Writes Charlie was Worzel (Charlie Warzel), after winning the trump in left-of-center political science, a whole new industry of anti-Russian orientation. Its representatives are now actively studying publicly available information and design information of the found strange paranoid stories about the alleged Russia’s influence on trump’s — and the world in General.

This is, by far, garbage analyst, however, it is not necessary to go to the other extreme and reflex to clear Russia of any guilt, as do many on the left. The problem is that the left often do not believe in the guilt of Russia in hacking as a link to this story many are trying to justify the failed Clinton campaign. Such skepticism is understandable — but this does not mean that Russian has not had to Trump some assistance.

In fact, there is serious journalistic work, a thorough investigation of the evidence. Although it is possible that Russian intelligence was gained in this case is an important victory, it is most likely the result of exceptional luck, not professionalism. In General, the FSB is unlikely that much more competent than inept us intelligence — she is, apparently, too, reacts instinctively, and events just as well all the time caught her off guard. She is clearly not able to control everything that happens and to implement a complex and devious plan. On the contrary, according to rumors, the Russian government was greatly alarmed by the chaotic behavior of the White house if trump.

In the end, Putin really contributed to the victory of trump. Accordingly, it should be considered an obstacle to the implementation of the political programs of the American left — especially for global climate policy, which in the future threatens to destroy a huge Russian hydrocarbon businesses. The headquarters of the candidate in presidents from Democrats makes sense to encrypt its internal correspondence and to protect their computer networks from hacking.

However, overdoing it is not worth it.

Let’s not forget that for the presidential rule of Obama was characterized by senseless provocations against Russia and, in particular, attempt to move NATO further to the East. Such actions as overly aggressive against Hillary Clinton for Russia and Putin during the campaign in retrospect seem catastrophic strategic mistake. This does not mean that America must yield to any Russian demands, but Russia remains the world’s only nuclear superpower besides the US. Therefore, it is better not to provoke her for no reason and always be ready to resort to diplomacy.

Future politicians and presidents left-wing should be treating Russia with extreme caution, but to do everything possible to live in peace with it.