Scientists have warned of the dangers posed to people gadgets while you sleep

American scientists warn about the negative consequences included phone during human sleep. Researchers strongly suggest the night to put the device away from the bed, writes “Orthodox”.

According to experts, the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for healthy sleep and dreams, delicately responds to the surrounding background. Especially in the radiation of the gadgets. They violate the usual reflex connection – night-dream and force a man to suffer from insomnia. Nightmares and irritability and signs of depression in the morning “provides” the same phone. Long-term impact of the devices on the body, could eventually lead to irreversible consequences.

Doctors believe that high performance provides at least semicasual sleep. If you decrease your hours of sleep, the human immune system collapses. Lost appetite, form of mental disorder. The body begins to age faster, triggered mechanisms of self-destruction.