On the horizon — the Covenant trump with Putin?

Is it possible in our future Pact between trump and Putin? Can the President of the United States Donald trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, United by mutual admiration, to conclude (in spite of ideological differences), the direct agreement on non-aggression? In which the United States and Russia promised each other to “refrain from any violence, from any aggressive action and attacks on each other — both individually and jointly with other powers.”

Trump said his desire: “I want to get along with Russia.” He also wants to cooperate with the Kremlin on a wide range of issues, from joint operations to combat terrorism, particularly against the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and promotion of Iran and North Korea.

Putin does not give rest to NATO, and he wished greatly to control and contain the Western Alliance on its Western borders. Trump’s animosity towards NATO, just what we need Putin to stop the expansion of the West in Eastern Europe. Striking and prospects of economic cooperation as a result of this Union. The warming in relations between the US and Russia would serve personal and political interests of the two leaders.

The agreement between trump and Putin would not be an unprecedented step. The world has already witnessed how these two players made an Alliance, although the Alliance with the participation of the predecessor of Russia was not very successful.

It was in 1939, there was war. Germany and the Soviet Union, mortal enemies, had concluded an agreement, signed by the Ministers for foreign Affairs, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov, respectively — according to which the country has committed for 10 years to eliminate the threat of war and to refrain “from all acts of violence, any aggressive action …”.

They also made a side deal — the Germans and Russians agreed to divide Poland and gave the Soviet Union a free hand in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, and in exchange, Germany received the right to dispose at its discretion, Lithuania. As a result, the world refused to accept it, and began to fight. The Hitler-Stalin Pact led to the Second world war. The most bloodiest global conflict in history.

Can it happen that the fraternal friendship trump and Putin, the mutual desire of these two men to power, to spheres of influence and a significant presence on the world stage will lead us where it doesn’t belong?