Nadezhda Savchenko: all that I said self harm was in the air

We are talking, sitting in the small kitchen of Nadia Savchenko. On the wall hangs a large photograph of the Crimean vineyards. Nadia has recently returned from London, she treats English tea. During the conversation, she does not spare criticism of the current government of Ukraine and the Minsk agreement, but also mentioned the possibility of early elections. According to Savchenko, heard from her mouth the phrase on the exchange of Crimea to Donbass is announced its plan authorities, the implementation of which should be stopped.

Nadia lives in the largest residential district of Kiev, in a gray apartment house built in Soviet times, these homes are complete and in Lithuania. A creaking Elevator the Brezhnev era, smelly garbage chute in the stairwell.

In a neat three-room apartment hosted by three women: Nadia, her younger sister Vira (Russian Faith) and their 79-year-old mother. Lithuania for them — the land of friends, proven for a long time Nadya spent in a Russian prison.

Care from their mother are the same as those of the Lithuanian pensioners heating bills more than her pension. Laughing, she said that while Nadia was in captivity, the compensation was 100%, and when she returned, it was reduced to 75% as part of the ATO. Now, however, Nadia is a member of Parliament, so they live tolerable. I try to listen to the Ukrainian language, mother Nadia said in Ukrainian, and I understand what she’s saying: Ukraine is so rich that even in 25 years it failed to plunder.

Ramunas Bogdandas How different the Ukraine that you knew before the abduction, from those corridors that you see now, becoming the Deputy?

Nadiya Savchenko:
I Have a concept about the Ukraine, it hasn’t changed, because every sane person who watches the situation, sees it quite realistic, in our time — especially. I saw Parliament from the inside. I can’t say that from my arrival something has changed globally. I believe that will change for the better. But what has changed in me? Nothing. I didn’t expect some allure, so I had nothing to be disappointed. I was expecting it to be rotten swamp, the same I saw. But even one soldier in the field.

— We saw how Happy turns in the box for fighting, but when you support the need for the country law, you need voice support.

— When voting one vote really changes nothing. This is a problem, but if we raise awareness, show inside, what is this body, and one much can. I was able to stop what is wrong, lobbying decisions. They are, however, then carried out. Or I could defend a law that was called “Savchenko’s law” on calculating time penalties. I was able to defend this law, despite the fact that I was alone. Now I have to protect him because the system doesn’t want to work in a new way.

But whether the patience of the border?

— Yes, there is. People have become careful in one. First, of course, there is an external enemy and this should always be taken into account, because any wrong move will be very dangerous. Secondly, people began to understand that when you destroy the head of the dragon, grows the second. And either we will manage to carry all the heads and put something of their own, and yet we have nothing of their own, to cut nothing. They will multiply like the Hydra. Square we happened not so much from what we look to Europe or Russia, but because of the economy. People were tired to live. They are tired of the corruption in the country, tired of being constantly bullied over them. It was a revolution of poverty against wealth.

— Do you think about the election? (in 2019, Ukraine should pass the presidential and parliamentary elections)

— What kind of elections? From our elections especially the situation has not changed, except this time. We could all win, but we lost it. Ukraine is a horrible thing that people probably haven’t realized. With Yanukovych everything is clear: it was a tycoon, a gangster, he had no idea. All saw, how it works, and when he tried to snickering, he removed those oligarchs, which he before paid.

What did Poroshenko? Of course, he came to the Wake, and he is by Putin. Now no one else can see. Under the slogan of struggle against corruption it sputters objectionable oligarchy, to remove from the policy the extra money. He takes the money out of politics, doing everything possible to we had no more competition in politics so that only one of his party “United Russia”, has always won the election. I saw it just recently. And then turn off the media that we have become addicted. In a dispute of money and power will always triumph over power, because it has a power resource. Therefore, people need to Wake up and realize that the President no longer has the right to have a power resource. Neither the army nor the National guard did not give an oath to protect the President, they take an oath to protect the people, law and order. Maybe some politicians have seen this before, but they are unable to deal with it. Therefore, we now need politicians with creative solutions.

How can there be decision?

— I have that. But I like to say that you should never reveal the strategy ahead of time. I hope that when the Republic of Lithuania is 100 years, Ukraine will be one year of restored independence. In a year when you’re born, then still have to grow.

Tool, I think, one election?

I call this tool the “evolution-revolution”. When I came out (of Russia — DELFI), one politician told me that still we all buy, do everything always. Nine months have passed, I see him and he says to me: you know, Nadia, we no longer buy, people have changed. Judging by his sad eyes, he’s not. Our Ukrainian voters no memory and now he has a memory. Now the voter begins to remember, because now bloodshed. And blood we will not forgive. To 10% got the right to decide, it is necessary that 90% of society was enveloped in protests. We already have the 90%, you need to find 10%, which can not go wrong in making decisions.

— We are far from the fighting in Kiev, but they still affect all decisions. Don’t you think that this state of “small wars” reinforces the existing power? Because in case what you need around which to rally.

— When I was still in the military pilot in the history of the wars introduced a concept of “local war”. And this local conflict is very understates the value of human life. But for those who are fighting, this war, voineasa. And it showed recent deterioration in the plant. Because, despite the fact that people are tired, exhausted and money, and vitally, morally and mentally, the government conducted an experiment and saw that people climb, returned volunteers. They saw that in case of danger Ukraine will rise up to defend themselves.

— The question arises, why should there be?

— If the government says that we have a strong army, which during these three years, we have built a strong army, then I am wondering if we have a relationship with the enemy 1:3, then we should be ParisHiltonmovie fortified. Five lines of defense, the third of which must be hospital-Humanities building. Large, across the line, not selectively, hospital in the river, a hospital in Kharkov, including the MOE, because if the plant will explode coke plant, it is a disaster not only occupied but also unoccupied territory. Where chemical agents, which we will put out these fires? Where the generators are, if you fade the light? It turned out that it is not. So the government saw that the people will always rise up and help each other. Why do the authorities bother? People need to understand that they — not cattle. Competent politician needs to understand that national interest of your country first. It is necessary to trade with Russia, and the benefits should be, but not only in a hybrid war. We walk anecdote: when the nation is at war, and the President with the enemy trades.

— I noticed that he sold his factory in Lipetsk…

— I’m not worried about Lipetsk plant, chocolate is chocolate, despite the fact that each candy and tax it — this is another bullet in our Ukrainian soldier. I’m more concerned about his plants in the Crimea. They are naval architects and they are now repairing court of Russia. This is of more concern to me, because it’s the military-industrial complex. They’re not yacht repair.

But from the podium, Poroshenko said that Russia is the aggressor…

— Russia — the aggressor. And it would just defeat the enemy, if you had a solid rear. But if you have the rear undermined to fight very hard. You have informer, zaslantsy, spies behind enemy lines, and even ahead of your enemy. In Crimea, Poroshenko have a lot of assets, and some of the very important objects are military factories. Know all about it. These plants stated in the Declaration. Awesome, right?

— In Ukraine, from West to East, one can observe the absolute tolerance to corruption..

— When it was reported offshore of the President, the reaction of the people was this: they just asked: How much? Two billion? Thank God, we thought more.

Why is this tolerance? We have corruption everywhere — from the hospital to the funeral. And all of this live, because if someone tries to live honestly in this system, it simply will not survive. You need to look for the root of this evil. The number of laws breeds corruption. We have a lot of them, we are simply contradict each other. The legal system is unbalanced. We have a legal coma. The laws do not work. And when the President (Yanukovych) we need to show the visibility of judicial reform, they begin to change not the first instance, and last. And the system as was and remained. Will need to explore more of the judicial system of Lithuania, as you have achieved it.

You were widely quoted, what do you propose to change the Donbass Crimea…

— What bullshit. I’m a man of the theatre, I played in the theater. By the way, the Faith too. When a man is creative, the humor is valuable that words are ambiguous, there are accents, intonation, sarcasm… Politics, unfortunately, have to be very straight, otherwise you will use it. I didn’t know and wanted to make people simple things. Therefore, in one broadcast, when talking about politics, Poroshenko, how good it is, I said that it is so disastrous that it remains only to apologize Yanukovych and invite him back into the chair. The Studio then I understood correctly, everyone applauded. Next time about the Donbass. I responded to the words of Gregory tuks, who said that the problem of Donbass, we will solve peacefully. I then said that if by peaceful means, then only the price of the surrender of the Crimea. And I explained that I am not a supporter of such a decision. But nobody was interested in quoting only the first part of the sentence.

Your mouth made an offer: let’s start thinking about sharing?

All that I said during these six months, to the detriment of themselves, knocking their rating is all that hung in the air, but everyone was afraid to voice. Policy all and would like to take this moment, but everyone knew that when he said that he will bring down your rating. The authorities have already handed over the Crimea in 2014, and now they have plans to hand over with giblets. And I’ve said it to people heard that this will be that it must be stopped. How to stop, to think.

— What can be the solution?

— Can be plenty of solutions. And the military can be a good operation, and non-military solution might be. Even when the guns begin to shoot, the politicians should sit down at the negotiating table. They’re not at war, then, must speak. But they are very weak negotiators and while at the negotiating table more turns on the part of the aggressor. It’s bad. Despite the fact that it seems to be a front against the aggressors — a lot of countries, negotiators, what’s stopping them? The Minsk agreement was a fake and goes the other way, when you receive the real agreement.

— Why in Ukraine, you continue to use the term anti-terrorist operation, although the President himself in his speeches speaks about the occupation? After all, terrorists are something other than the armed men in the Donbass, and ATO three years does not last.

— I use the word war. They invented this word, to be able to change the Constitution from a parliamentary Republic to make Ukraine a presidential Republic. Because there is a war. If martial law was imposed, it would be impossible to do. And now, because in word and deed — the war, created a power vertical. When all the laws will give him full power, he will be able to establish martial law. Therefore, this word game — exclusively with Bank street. They sat for a long time puzzled, how would these laws be circumvented. In fact, it hurts the Ukrainians first of all, and harm to respect and trust Europe to Ukraine. There should be a law about occupied territories, they are writing it for the third year. They say that even wrote. Just here me too much and not enough — to be one in the warrior, because I don’t have 450 buttons for voting. And they have some.