Holidays in Ukraine: what is the cost to rent a house on the resort

Summer is a favorite time for a holiday many Ukrainians. Some people prefer to go on holiday abroad and someone takes him back to Ukraine – by the sea, on the banks of rivers or in the mountains. Scenic spots within the country are many, but one of the key moments of relaxation is the choice of place of residence. Here, too, there are different options – the favorite resorts offer accommodation for every taste and purse, but there is always the option to rent a room, apartment or house. According to the analytical service Internet sites free ads OLX, the average price of monthly rent of a country house for the last year declined in almost all regions of the country.

“Today” to find out how much it costs to rent a house in the popular places to stay in Ukraine.

Holiday by the sea. Odessa oblast

The black sea. Photo:

Odessa city, and small towns stretched along the black sea coast is one of the most popular places for summer holidays. To choose the place for accommodation here to suit every taste and budget. The cost of rental houses varies from place to place, the remoteness from the sea, and living conditions. For example, renting a house for four in Vapnyarka village located on the coast and very close to Odessa will cost 700-800 hryvnia per day. For the money the landlord provides appliances and furnished house with all necessary amenities. House for eight people in the city of Chernomorsk (former Illichevsk) with all amenities will cost 1000-1500 USD per day. Luxury two-storey house in the village of Sanzheyka a three minute walk from the sea will cost about 3000 USD per day, and two-story houses in Gribovka on the first line from the sea – 3 200 hryvnia per day.

But there are budget options near the black sea, you can rent part of the house with a separate entrance, but with a summer shower for 150 hryvnia per person.

Arabat spit. Kherson oblast

The sea of Azov. Photo:

In recent years, centres in the Kherson region is becoming more popular. This region offers a choice of two seas – Black and Azov, and salty lake Sivash. One of the most interesting places here – the Arabat spit, a narrow spit on the administrative border with the Crimea. On the one hand it is washed by the Azov sea, on the other siwash lake. On the spit is located three villages. And although most of the houses here have been converted to guest, to find independent housing. For example, in the Small village of four houses with facilities on the street will cost 400 hryvnia for the knocks, and the simplest versions of wooden houses – up to 100 hryvnia.

The sea on the other side. Berdyansk, Zaporizhia oblast

The sea of Azov. Photo:

Berdyansk – mud and climatic resort, located on the shore of the Azov sea. This place is very popular among Ukrainians, especially of the Berdyansk spit. And although most of the places for tourists – hotels and guest houses, private housing is still possible to find. For example, half of the house, with room for four people can be rented for 350-600 USD per day. For the money the owners provide everything you need although the shower is with hot water may still be on the street. Cottage with all amenities on the beachfront will cost 2000-3500 hryvnia per day depending on the condition of the house.

Health resorts of the Carpathian region. Truskavets, Lviv oblast

Truskavets. Photo:

Prykarpattya – is another unique place in Ukraine. The mountains aren’t too high, but the air is fresh and clean. This place is famous for its Spa resorts, particularly popular of which is Truskavets. In this city all year round many tourists who come to the local resorts and sanatoriums because of the mineral water, ozokerite and salt. Despite the fact that the private sector and residential houses mostly converted for tourists to find separate housing. Renting a house in the Central part of town with all amenities is of 900-1500 USD per day. A little further from the town centre and the pump-room with mineral water you can find small house with everything you need for 200 hryvnia per day. For the same money you can rent and half of the house more, having in addition a cozy courtyard with barbecue and swings.

The mountain air and rivers. Carpathians

Bukovel. Photo:

If the Carpathians were considered for the most part ski resort, now the interest of Ukrainians to rest in the mountains is not reduced all year round. To choose a place to stay in the tourist part of the mountains, for example in Yaremche town or village of Bukovel, Vorokhta, Yablunitsa, not working – there are plenty of hotels, private villas and small hotels. Rental houses also no problems. The cottage is fully equipped for up to eight people, will cost 1000-1800 hryvnia per day. For smaller companies cost up to 1000 UAH per day.

However, there are more expensive options. For example, renting a large two-story cottage, located on private, landscaped grounds can cost 1800 – 3000 hryvnia per day.

As reported in the Kiev region has increased the demand for rental of country houses. Prices start from 5 thousand hryvnia per month for a house with amenities and luxury villas give up and for 200 and 600 thousand hryvnia per month.