Rashahat: unasked questions

You can say that I’m confused. Last week, the house Committee on intelligence held hearings on possible collusion assistants trump and the Russian state, on which their statements gave FBI Director James Comey, and NSA Director Mike Rogers. But they gave very little new information, though confirmed, disturbing revelations, had previously appeared in the media.

If the FBI started investigation of the activities of the team trump at the end of July, that is, after his nomination but before the election, and if the headquarters of the trump was located in a skyscraper in his name, that isn’t that confirms the correctness of Donald trump, claiming that his office was bugged in the summer — even if the President chose not quite the right words? And why not questioned former CIA Director John Brennan and former head of National intelligence James Clapper, even though these people are often referred to as responsible in the Obama administration for the generation, collection, dissemination and leakage of discrediting trump information?

Despite the vacuity of these hearings, I agree with Politico on the most important, in my opinion, the moments. In the article, which could be written before the events, the editors of this publication came to the following conclusions: Komi is not a lackey trump; trump’s words have value; most of all interested in the leaks Republicans; the Democrats could smell the smell of blood; the consequence may be delayed.

These observations say little to us. But it is very illustrative comments of the Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes), which in the beginning of the meeting said: “Let me be perfectly clear and say what I say for a few weeks. We know that physical wiretapping of trump Tower was not. However, we cannot exclude that against the President of trump and his assistants some ways still carried out the surveillance”.

Two days later, núñez made a clarification: “I Recently became convinced that the intelligence community has been collecting information about Americans who participated in the process of transfer of authority to Trump. Details about working in the new administration the American citizens that have no obvious value to foreign intelligence, was widely described in the reports of the intelligence community.”

Pat Buchanan (Pat Buchanan) brought the same arguments, adding that today there are only two crimes: first, someone hacked into the email of the National Committee of the Democratic party (NCDP) and the chief of staff of Hillary Clinton, John Podestà; second, someone from the national security apparatus handed over to the media or secret transcript or a summary of a series of telephone conversations between the future national security adviser Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Buchanan acknowledges that hacking NCDP carried out in Russian. Although no evidence for this conclusion is not presented, I agree with him that all else is nothing more than speculation. Buchanan also notes the unanimous statement of Komi and Clapper that despite lasting eight months of investigation, no evidence of improper ties between people trump and Russian were found.

The question about “Relegate” slowly eroding, as it becomes clear that there is no conspiracy and no Manchurian candidate was not, although the investigation will probably last till summer or even longer. Last week, the former campaign Manager of trump by Paul Manafort have volunteered to testify in the house Committee on intelligence. Even the former acting Director of the CIA and an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton Michael Morell (Michael Morell), once called Donald trump “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation”, and today he recanted his words and said: “as for collusion of the staff of trump with the Russians, the smoke here, but no fire”.

As for the FBI investigation, someone in the White house had to give permission to conduct such a sensitive activities, because it is difficult to imagine that the Bureau undertook such a task on their own initiative without any political cover. Komi Republic, for its part, nothing about it said, and refused to confirm or deny that, did the White house about the investigation into aides of trump, and did he give orders to this account. He also refused to confirm or deny that, did President Obama a copy of the transcripts of the conversation between Flynn and Kislyak. I must say that most of the time in the process of testimony, the FBI Director refused to confirm and deny that whatsoever.

The word Komi important. We must remember that he is a lawyer and the head of the Federal police Department, which came under fire from critics. Referring to the statements trump tweeted that the former President Obama ordered to arrange an audition of trump Tower, Komi said, “I Have no information in confirmation of these tweets, and we carefully checked everything in the FBI.” And he added that no one, even the President can not unilaterally order to arrange an audition. NSA Director Mike Rogers also revealed: “From the NSA I have not seen anything that would indicate our participation in such activities, or the fact that someone asked us to engage in such activities”. Komi has refused to disclose whether an investigation into leaks of intelligence information to the media, and above all, phone calls Flynn.

Statements like “I didn’t see anything” and “I have no information” is not a statement about what something was not. Now we have seen that the investigation began long before the election. Because during the election campaign it was impossible to question trump’s aides and their alleged accomplices from Russia, investigation of possible collusion between the trump and the Russian could only be carried out by methods of electronic surveillance of incoming and outgoing from the headquarters trump information.

If there is some confusion, it is connected with the word meaning “listening”. It implies the presence in the building for hidden microphones and transmitters, as mentioned by núñez. But today is just electronic surveillance, no one is. The FBI and/or NSA can intercept telephone conversations and correspondence on the Internet remotely, with the server communication with the help of special devices that intercept directly with the switching systems. It’s what they do, investigating criminal cases and cases related to national security. A recording of the conversation Flynn with the Russian Ambassador intelligence agencies could obtain in this way, either secretly or with the consent of the White house. It is also possible that it was done by the British.

Meanwhile, the first gap and the allegations that the hacker hacks NCDP are Russian. The FBI is not allowed to validate servers in the Democratic party, which was allegedly hacking. Reports of Russian guilt came from hired for the job the security company CrowdStrike, which claims that the hacker used against nkdp the program has some relevance to the malicious tools applied by the Russians on Ukraine. The Ukrainian government, which is not in friendly relations with Russia, as well as one very authoritative analytical center of Britain now claim that these statements are not true, and built on the basis of their storyline. If you remove the CrowdStrike report, it turns out that no well-known evidence of Russian involvement in the hacking attacks is not. This is not a statement that they didn’t break into anything, but this is another indication that no confirmation of accusations of not.


Last week judge Andrew Napolitano (Andrew Napolitano) was suspended from duties after he suggested on Fox News that the British intelligence services were involved in a possible conspiracy to discredit trump. It can be noted that the New York Times on March 1 announced a possible British track, reporting that “the Obama administration hastily tried to hide information about the hacker attacks on the Russian elections.” The article of this newspaper confirmed the involvement of a European intelligence services to investigate links trump and Russia. But for some reason all ignored the fact that a foreign intelligence Agency could collude with the American conspirators to achieve a certain goal.

Communication with foreigners it seems very intriguing. Contrary to statements by FBI Director Komi, American President on the basis of its authority may order the conduct of surveillance of anyone. But if someone engages in unscrupulous dealings with political overtones, in this case much better of all to mislead. This can be achieved in different ways, and there are good service can do a foreign helper. You can send the desired information via the friendly intelligence services, especially those that are cooperating in the framework of the “five eyes”: British, canadian, Australian and new Zealand.

In law an evasive answer Mike Rogers to the allegations about the involvement of Britain’s secret surveillance of Flynn, and perhaps for other people, consisted of the following: “by the NSA I have not seen anything that would indicate our participation in such activities, or the fact that someone asked us to engage in such activities”. Again, this was the wrong answer to the wrong question should ask: “did the British some information relating to the investigation against trump and Russia?” And further: “If provided, what was this information from where it came and as it passed?” The British, for their part, deny any involvement by making the following statement: “Recent allegations of media commentator judge Andrew Napolitano about what the government of Britain received a request to conduct electronic surveillance of elected President is nonsense. These allegations are absolutely ridiculous and should be ignored”. Again, this answer may seem technically correct, but somehow evasive, because the British could not ask for conducting surveillance, restricting the request for the transfer of already collected material.

The NSA and the FBI are the rules of collecting information on U.S. citizens, which can be bypassed. But it is clear that the British, these rules can be circumvented in any case. They also have access to the main part of the materials collected by the NSA, as well as their sources from GCHQ and MI6, which are powerful intelligence agencies. In practice, user-friendly intelligence agencies often share information through bureaucratic loopholes in the normal channels of communication. Agreement on sharing intelligence information is sometimes violated, in order to give partners the opportunity to obtain information that in their own countries is under the protection of the law and the Constitution. The government of the UK had to have a lot of information about trump, and he certainly had good access to cell phone records show that Flynn was making from the Dominican Republic through the networks of the British company Cable and Wire. And there was a “dossier” of Christopher Steele (Christopher Steele) to a trump, which, despite all his flaws, was clearly based on information from British intelligence.

Former chief of staff to Secretary of state Colin Powell Colonel Lawrence Wilkinson (Lawrence Wilkerson) once said:

I had the belief that maybe even the Democratic party or some element of it appealed to John Brennan of the CIA, and maybe even to the former President of the United States. And John Brennan, who did not want to leave prints on anything, appealed to his London colleagues at GCHQ, MI6, and essentially said, “Give me everything you’ve got.” And he took something out and handed it to NCDP or someone else. And he received from the government of the UK records of the conversations the administration of the tramp, and perhaps the President himself. It’s quite strange, at least for me. They let the head of this organization to go. I’m not defending trump, but in this case he could be right. Maybe the FBI is not to blame. And Komi is also right, he never listened.

Wilkinson is talking about a very unusual and sudden resignation of the Director of the Center for government communications UK Robert Hannigan (Robert Hannigan), who left his position on January 23. Thanks to the law on official secrets in the British media there was very little talk about this event, but me and the other people, the question arises: whether it is connected somehow with a possible cooperation with us intelligence about Donald trump?

So, the question about “Regata” possible collusion of members of staff of the trump and the alleged connivance of certain circles attempt to outlaw the President of trump remains much more, than answers. Those who like the endless soap operas, you might see the new series. But because the two political parties are trying to promote their own theories about criminal information leaks and possible treason (they can both be false), the American public is waiting for long and hot spring, and then the same summer as the party propaganda machine continue to work and carry their nonsense.

Based on what they read and hear, I personally concluded that none of the assistant trump has done nothing criminal; that the Russians are really behind hacking attacks on NGDP, but they were not trying to destroy our democracy; that Brennan agreed with the British to transfer the materials of electronic surveillance, which it then leaked to the media; and that Obama knew all about the investigation against trump, and may be, along with attorney General Loretta Lynch (Loretta Lynch) initiated this investigation. But who am I?

Philip Giraldi — former CIA officer, Executive Director of the nonprofit Council for the National Interest.