Kids in a cage

Recently the Vice-Premier of the Russian government Olga Golodets made the revolutionary proposal to rectangular cancel classes in schools and to make a square. In her view, rectangular classes — it is a sad legacy of our Soviet past.

“Wrong, we have classes designed, we have them all rectangular. To form a project approach to build the team and lead to achieve the goal, children have to sit differently, and need to operate differently”, — said the Golodets. He added: “the Teacher becomes the mentor in this case, and it helps the child to develop his talent.” “Are we ready for the question, and how to move from one point to another — probably the most difficult question of today”. Well now it will go for education not scary. And you say, today we have Comedy dies…

Of course, square classes are great. In Finland that is all round. Maybe that’s why their secondary education is one of the best in the world? Yes, for sure. And chalk they must have a good Finnish, so the teacher on the blackboard write clever things. And what classes are round, they are never about the exam is not heard.

Remember the Duke from the movie “That Munchhausen”, performed by Leonid Armour going to war with England? “Guard to build in the Central square. Uniforms — summer dress. Blue uniforms with gold fringe. Sleeve sewn in. The lapels are wide. Waist 10 cm lower than in peacetime,” the Duke announced emergency measures to prepare for the combat structure of the army. I think the effectiveness of this war were approximately the same as the efficiency of the offer of the Minister for education.

When the school collapses the roof, children don’t care what form their class. Accurate statistics could not be found, but even in manual, “handicraft” estimates, several dozen schools this winter suffered accident from-for snow the roof crumble with distressing frequency. And it’s certainly not in the elements — there is simply no money for repairs. When breaks through a pipe of heating, the children and teachers do not care, they inherit the Soviet past in their rectangular classes or keep up with the times. There would not be Ambaritsa boiling water from the pipe.

At the end of last year, about 400 school buildings in Russia were in disrepair. Some of them have been demolished, were built in their place cottages for the officials. So by the end of 2017 statistics will probably be more ceremonial. Approximately 70% of urban schools and 20% rural connected to the Internet. And 20% of rural schools are not equipped with basic, simple communication. In this case, as you know, is not about the Internet.

The Minister of education Olga Vasilieva recently announced that the history exam will be mandatory for graduates. Now two compulsory exams — Russian language and mathematics. Vasilyev insists that a graduate without the knowledge of the history of their country cannot become a full citizen. “Here I am as a historian first and foremost convinced that the history exam should be mandatory.” He added: “No one, after 11 years of training, do not know their history.”

Unified state examination — generally a separate subject. But even within this confusion in Russia manage to give the children even more inhuman experiments. The exam exists in Russia for ten years. During this time it has grown a whole generation that learned to think should be able to seek out the correct answer in the test task. This is not education — it’s training. And in the last year, and this training has been significantly simplified. So, for example, the number of jobs in biology this year reduced from 40 to 28, in chemistry — from 40 to 34. The exam itself is extended by half an hour. In short, for all you kids, let you be not difficult and comfortable. And then wonder — why is Russia on the quality of higher education is not among the twenty-five best educations in the world? Isn’t that weird?

The Minister of education, of course, disingenuous. Pretentious words about what the citizen should know the history of their country, do not look the smartest joke in the background to the history of Russia. Within 2017, all Russian schools will move to the new history textbooks. The idea of a single history textbook is not passed, which is good, but was adopted by a single standard, under which was written three textbooks. Reassessment of Russian and Soviet history in them is so striking that you can quote endlessly. Here are just a few examples. In the previous tutorial, published in 2006, Stalin’s rule was given to 12 pages, provided statistics of the victims of the repression in detail about the destruction of the high command of the army before the war. In current textbooks the Stalinist period allotted two pages. Casualties — no. About the destruction of the high command — no. But the powerful emphasis on industrialization. “Industrialization took place in a “hostile” environment. The result of the confrontation with the “world of capital” was the creation of the military-industrial complex, the authors write. — Here did not act the principles of the market economy, which increased the industry of the West.”

One paragraph about the indicators: “volume of industrial production in the Soviet Union came in first place in Europe and second largest in the world — after the USA. The Soviet Union became an industrial power”. About the tragedy of collectivization is said simply: “he was stopped characteristic for second half XIX — beginning of XX century the process of differentiation of peasantry”. And it is strange — why is it that the peasants were left dissatisfied with collectivization? But Putin reserved to the Board as much as 35 pages. Needless to say, no matter how complementary they are and how much space is devoted in them a solemn “return” of the Crimea and the treacherous policy of the West? “In Western countries has evolved in the US-led unified anti-Russian front, whose goal is through a system of sanctions to “punish” Russia for the Crimea and the rejection by the majority population of South-Eastern regions of Ukraine nationalism Kiev authorities,” the sports writers.

At the same time across the country erect monuments to Stalin forbid to question the authenticity of the story of the 28 Panfilov and build toy Reichstag to create “Uname” could train to destroy the enemy. And at the concert on the occasion of Fatherland defender’s Day girl reads verses from the scene, looking at the happy face of the leader in the front row: “And I, be a grandfather of advanced years/in reality, in life, in fact/German would be learned only for the fact That they talked to Putin”. Well, not said “in nature” or “campaign”. But this girl and her friends will know everything about the Ukrainian Nazism, but about the 37th year will know that it was the heyday of industrialization. In fact, for this and begin to develop a new textbook of history, for this and doing the history exam is mandatory. In reality, in life, in fact.