TOP 9 foods for fast weight loss

It seems that an old dream of women “eat and lose weight” can finally be fulfilled. The secret of losing weight with not the most obvious set of products is to choose those that help to burn fat, normalize metabolism and quickly saturate the body. We selected for you the most effective and accessible examples, writes


This autumn vegetable (though officially a berry) is rich in carotenoids, which give it the orange color. These substances act as antioxidants by protecting the body against harmful free radicals and help to slow the aging process of cells (another secret of eternal youth!) The high content of vitamin T helps to speed up metabolism and rapid digestion, and fiber – cleansing of toxins. In favor of the pumpkin and says it is very low calorie: 100 grams is only 25 calories! Pay special attention to pumpkin seeds. This is a real storehouse of magnesium and protein, and an excellent ally for those struggling with insomnia.


Avocado – a fruit-shifter. Usually the fruit is low in calories and rich in carbohydrates, but with “alligatorovoj pear” all the way around. It contains little carbohydrates, but it has a high energy value. However, this does not contradict the concept of the “destroyer” of extra pounds. The feeling of satiety from one of the fruit is phenomenal, which ultimately allows significantly to save money on lunch in the first place calories. “The fattest in the world fruit” is easy to digest and contains a huge amount of nutrients in the composition. This allows the avocado to substitute for an entire food group is very valuable for those who are on a diet and have to count not only the disappearing calories, but received vitamins.


Obsessed with losing weight Americans first took meat canned tuna in turnover and came up with based on it is pretty boring, but working rapid diet: nine cans of fish for three days (in natural juice, not in oil!) in combination with a variety of vegetables and some fruit during snack. Tuna contains very little fat, but a lot of protein and almost all the amino acids that we need an active person. That’s why this fish is so loved fussy bodybuilders.


In Europe neobychnye bright leaves of Swiss chard – one of my favorite salad ingredients. In reality it is not that other, as the tops of certain varieties of beets. Purple and yellow pigments plants possess not only strong anti-inflammatory, but also a cleansing effect on the body. The attractiveness of chard for losing weight due to low energy content and lack of cholesterol.


Continues orange light-line persimmon, which consistently ranks in the top three useful fruit along with citrus. Not by chance in the season this is a great option for handling the day – podkorrektirovatj weight, and be cleansed from the accumulated toxins. Another, more gentle option: eat 1-2 persimmon is one of the meals (better if it is Breakfast or dinner). During the diet, the persimmon is not recommended to drink coffee and milk. In addition, this “Sunny berry” calms the nerves and gives freshness to the skin. Being a very sweet fruit, persimmon is contraindicated for diabetics.


Western nutritionists often recommend to replace the dishes, potatoes turnips. In food value and quantity of proteins both root roughly equivalent and equally satisfy your hunger. But unlike its “relative” the turnip much less carbohydrates and almost no starch, so it is much safer for the figure. Besides the familiar from childhood fairy vegetable contains high levels of sulfur, which is necessary for energy production, metabolism and burning fat.


The Egyptians claimed that mushrooms bring immortality, the French changed into jewels, and the British, as always, put them in the experiment. Volunteers four times a week, replace meat dishes champignons, and Guinea took off a month from 4 to 9 pounds. In some countries they are called “forest sirloin steak” is the number of amino acids in these mushrooms, grown mainly on plantations, is not inferior to meat dishes, but the calorie content is several times lower: 27 Kcal per 100 g of product. Mushrooms are present in many recipes for weight loss the legendary nutritionist Michel Montignac. Owners note: give the advantage of more tender young mushrooms, nutritional caps, not the legs, and during the preparation much more finely cut.


Beets – a product with a secret. One small fruit contains a record element of betaine. It oxidizes (in other words “puts on a strict diet”) fat cells, which later becomes thinner and losing connection with the blood vessels, dies. Besides betanin activates metabolic processes in the body, increasing the speed of metabolism. But that’s not all. Not only that, beets promotes weight loss and allows us to gain by blocking the formation of fat cells. No way – the product of dreams, which all the time was at hand!


Nutritionists claim: simply add grapefruit to your daily diet and lose up to two pounds in 2 weeks. No miracles! Everything is very simple. The thing is that grapefruit reduces insulin levels – you can control your appetite, refusing supplements in the form of more nutritious food, and eventually lose weight. Arginin in the composition of grapefruit also enhances metabolism, but not so significantly that you begin to “disappear before our eyes.” So to balance the rest of the diet is still necessary.