If the end justifies the means — this should be cause for skepticism, but not in Western countries

“Freedom is our religion!” It is written on a giant banner hanging on the Independence Square in Kiev. It was here within a couple of months in the winter of 2013-2014, before the end of February, demonstrations took place, after which the power was replaced. This was in violation of the agreements and as a result of processes not provided for in the Constitution. The level of violence in these crucial days was very high, and killed many demonstrators and police. The building, which is now closed giant banner during the riots burned and so still and not put in order three and a half years after… Yes, after what?

Supporters call it a “Revolution of honor”, and opponents of the illegal coup. One thing is certain — agreement and democratic rules were violated. And it was a real revolution, as I said one of the Ukrainians who supported the new regime, when I was in Kiev in early July. Like the French revolution.

When someone justifies the means the end, it should look with skepticism. But not so do the Western countries of the EU and NATO. They are very positive about the changes. It’s a bit like the NATO bombing in Kosovo, which later was also called “illegal but legitimate.” Break the rules is permitted if it is in the name of higher goals. In the West, apparently, believe that now is exactly the case.

After independence, elections were held, through which the new government and Parliament now have a democratic basis. It is obvious that the government is not supported by those parts of Ukraine which split off after the events on the Maidan. We are talking about Crimea, which is now the Russian and the Donbas, where, with the assistance of NATO and Russia is raging a civil war.

But to say that in Donbass there is a civil war, it is impossible under any circumstances. According to the official version, there was invaded by Russia, and its goal is to conquer all of Ukraine and all post Soviet space and, perhaps, even other parts of Europe.

“The Kremlin wants to rewrite history. The Kremlin is challenging the democracy and human rights. The Kremlin uses aggressive measures and support at the state level terrorism in order to impose their national interests. He distorts the facts, values, principles and moral standards. He uses brute force and lies and forces us to blur the boundaries between good and evil that we have such a high price is established in the XX century”. So says President Poroshenko in the Preface to the book, which I received during the official meeting in Kiev. There is no doubt that all the evil comes from the Kremlin!

This was a session of the NATO parliamentary Assembly, where he was also invited partner countries of NATO. Ukraine is a partner country. Russia was also among them, but now they kicked her out. Therefore, the Ukrainians without any risk you can tell your version of the story.

The fact that the Crimea and Donbass did not want to obey the new regime, according to the official picture, the case does not apply. If you say something different, you become a fifth column, or a traitor, or an agent of Putin.

New heroes

That evening I told two criticisms of the Maidan. The change of government was based on lies about new times and new freedom. The new rulers are just as corrupt as the old. Extreme Ukrainian nationalists and greedy oligarchs have created an Alliance that holds power and wealth to themselves. They plunged the country into even greater poverty than before, but they have the support of the West, so that they can blame on Russia. At the same time they rewrite history so that everything that has attitude to the Soviet Union and Russia, have been forgotten or compromised. The red Army is now considered an occupying force, not a liberator from the forces of Hitler.

Instead, heroes were those who fought against the red Army together with the Nazis. Of course the part of the population that thinks differently, feels depressed. In the Crimea and the Donbass there are far more than in other places.

One of the uncompromising Ukrainian nationalists now takes the place of speaker of Parliament. At the end of his speech in Parliament, addressed to us and a large group of soldiers, he roared: “Glory to Ukraine!” The same greeting as the official used the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA prohibited in Russia, an extremist organization — approx. ed.), who fought with the red Army in the Second world war.

The soldiers roared in response: “glory to the Heroes!”

One of the NATO representatives at the same meeting, said that after the end of the cold war, it was possible to implement ideas of the geopolitical balance and dream about how to get rid of the buffer zones. This dream, unfortunately, has destroyed Russia for its aggression. So it is deferred.

About this freedom says a banner in Independence Square? But this form of freedom is painful. You will never be able to disown its geography and history. He who so believes, opens up the space for lies and forgeries. We in the West needs to help end the conflict in the Donbas, pushing all implicated parties, including the Ukrainian government, instead of going on about imaginary stories on the comprehensive evil emanating from Russia, which are completely free Ukrainian politicians from any guilt.