TOP 10 harmful foods for Breakfast

Many people as a Breakfast prefer a full meal, a light snack of finished products. Unfortunately, not all are equally useful. Nutritionists have compiled the top 10 popular foods that cause obesity and increase the risk of developing chronic diseases, writes

1. Sweet cereals

On packages of Breakfast cereals often flaunt inscription “contains whole grains” or “promotes weight loss”. In fact, these products have been processed and contain only small amounts of whole grains, which is not true of simple carbohydrates and sugar. Sweet flakes, rings and balls can be perfectly combined with milk and juice, but the amount of sugar leads to drastic changes in insulin level in the blood. As a result the person quickly becomes hungry and irritable, and the desire to eat something sweet increases.

2. Fruit juices

Most juices from the store (even 100% fruit juice) sweetened with sugar or fructose. In the morning, drinking a glass of this drink, a person increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes type 2 diabetes and other diseases associated with the metabolic disorder glucose.

Sugar from fruit juice very quickly increases the level of glucose in the blood and slow its absorption without fat and fiber is impossible. The resulting surge of insulin and a drop in blood sugar makes you tired, nervous and hungry.

3. Pancakes and waffles

Usually pancakes and waffles prepared from refined wheat flour, frequent use of which is associated with the development of insulin resistance and obesity. In addition, these products are often eaten along with syrups and jams, which increases the sugar content in the blood and damages the metabolism.

4. Sandwiches with melted cheese

Saturated fat in soft creamy cheeses – the main argument against their daily use. Health organization, associate them with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, because for Breakfast it is better to choose low-fat cheese brine: cheese, Adygea or Suluguni.

5. Muffins and croissants

The only useful ingredient in cakes – eggs. Refined flour and sugar for Breakfast is strongly not recommended, besides muffins and croissants often contain additional ingredients: chocolate, jam, dried fruits. The practical result – the “explosion” calorie bomb and spikes of glucose.

6. Sweet fat-free yogurt

A Cup of simple Greek yogurt with berries is a great example of a healthy Breakfast. Unfortunately, low fat sweet yogurt with pieces of fruit has nothing to do with it. Some store-bought yogurts contain more sugar than the same serving of ice cream, and the removal of fat from milk products reduces their nutritional value, creating the illusion of saturation.

7. Energy bars

Sweet cereal bars contain quite a bit of useful fiber, but the added sugar, corn syrup and honey are more than enough. Like most of the products listed above, this combination increases the level of sugar and insulin in the blood, disrupting the metabolism.

8. Granola from the store

Sweet crunchy granola is a very nutritious dish: 480 kcal per 100 grams of product. It is well suited for those who are going for intensive training, but for the sedentary office workers of such a nutritious Breakfast is overrated. Our choice – oatmeal with walnuts, flax seeds or berries.

9. Sausage or sausage

Sausages, sausage and ham processed meat, which in 2015 has officially recognized carcinogen. Experts from the International Agency for research on cancer have studied 800 case studies and concluded that regular consumption of these products increases the risk of cancer. Want to keep healthy? Refrain from processed meat in favor of boiled chicken breast or fish.

10. Crackers and chips

Crackers and chips is a popular snack, but in the process of preparation used hydrogenated vegetable oil – a source of TRANS fats. Combined with a large amount of salt, they be a favorable factor for the development of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.