Weather forecast: on Valentine’s Day in Ukraine warmer

Ukrgidromettsentr since Tuesday promises an increase in temperature in all areas and sleet in Central, North and East, and that means Valentine’s Day couples in love do not have to freeze.

In southern regions, weather forecasters promise 0 to -2 -7 to day and night. This temperature will remain until the weekend.

Residents of the North during the week expect small fluctuations of temperature: in the afternoon from 1 to 5 degrees, and at night from -3 to -10.

Warmer and in the center: here the thermometer in the daytime will show from 0 to -3, and at night drops to -10.

On Tuesday and Wednesday in the Central regions, weather forecasters promise snow.

In the East of Ukraine day will be from -1 to -5, and in the night from -4 to -12.

In the Western regions afternoon the temperature of air will fluctuate from 0 to 6 degrees below zero all week, and in the night from -12 to -3.