Blockade of Donbass: “Coal remains for 10 days”

The situation with the blockade of Donbass is gaining catastrophic momentum. Recently, the so-called activists blocked another railroad track, jeopardizing the work of a number of thermal power plants. And yesterday the urgent need to solve the problem stated and the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

THE VILLAGERS FREEZE. On the night of February 11, “activists” blocked the stretch under Phenol (Donetsk region). We will remind, earlier it was blocked the main highway in the direction of Yasinovataya — Konstantinovka. The “blockers” say: it is an important means of communication between the controlled and uncontrolled Ukraine territories, apparently forgetting that their actions affected ordinary people, forced to freeze in their homes in the winter. Director of Slavic TPP Valery Skull has sounded the alarm: “the activists of the” thermal power plant had to switch to emergency operation mode. She is now able to heat only Nikolaevka (city where located) and the station, and dozens of villages — freeze! According to the head of the company, in case of continuation of blockade of the coal to the power station can end in a few days!

PRIME Minister. Yesterday about this situation and expressed the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, who said that you can’t declare a hard war Ukrainian citizens and throwing millions of people in the lurch: “Ukraine consumes energy 24 million tons of coal. Of these, 9 million are anthracite group, which is made from the Ukrainian subsoil of the property, which we temporarily do not control. A third of the country’s electricity produced by TPP and CHPP… Blocking the supply of coal, which has no alternatives — ask the experts or professionals in the energy sector, they will tell you this means only one thing — stop and blackouts, which is spoken throughout the territory of Ukraine. Do I need to bring this up? I think not.”

ENERGOSTAL AND THE SECURITY COUNCIL. To solve the problem Groisman going through the energy of the staff, who will gather today to assess the situation and understand what to do. “To pass the season, now need to start saving. You can’t hold on to stocks was zero, and then think what to do with it. Last summer, the situation was similar, and we just got her aligned. But no need again to create problems,” he said. Joined by people’s deputies. “We did deputies from the BPP appeal to the President, national security Council, where it will be initiated by the round table will be representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, the participants of the blockade; I hope the President of Ukraine to solve the issue”, — said the MP from the PPO, volunteer Tatiana Rychkova. According to her, the blockade of supplies of coal will lead to the fact that their work will stop TES across the country. “I’ll call the numbers and facts: in Kramatorsk thermal coal remained for 10 days, in the Slavic — 10, Tripoli — 14 — she’s on Kyiv and the oblast are supplied with heat. Zmiivska for 20 days and the Kharkiv city and region. If you disable these TES we will not be able to heat our homes,” — said Rychkov. According to her, the actions of the “activists” can have a negative impact on life in the frontline city of Mariupol. If you stop Starobilsk thermal power plant, the city lost not only heat, but will be large enterprise!

THE PRICE ISSUE. Rychkova says: to translate the existing thermal power plant to work on the coal which is not mined in the occupied territories, it will take 8-9 months and about 10 million dollars. Energy Minister Igor Nasalik calls more shocking the amount of 15 billion UAH!

In turn, Groysman reminded of Avdiivka coke, which employs half a million people, and they risk to remain without work if the plant is without coal. Rychkova says that it is because of a problem many people may lose their jobs: “these people will not heat and work. The state will spend money on their social security, and this will lead to economic disaster”. She stressed that “for such anti-state position is Russia,” and to combat “smuggling” of goods, as they call their actions the participants of the blockade, should the SBU, the Prosecutor’s office and courts.
The words of MP confirmed by the General Director of the Dneprodzerzhinsk coke Paul Rafalski. He notes that because of the embargo, his company is forced to buy coal in Australia, USA, Canada and Russia. “It’s a half-two times more expensive. Plus buy from the aggressor, in my opinion, not quite right. So need to think who benefits from it that we block his miners, and the coal we buy from Russia! As for the effects of the embargo, then, clearly, we will drop the profitability of production. As a consequence, its reduction, and this is threatening layoffs,” he concludes.