The Swiss referendum endorsed a simplified citizenship

In Switzerland held a referendum on changing the rigid rules of obtaining citizenship. According to preliminary data, about 55% of voters supported the concessions relating to immigrants in the third generation – people born in Switzerland, who are the grandchildren of immigrants who arrived in the country.

Currently, people born in the territory of the Confederation, does not automatically have citizenship, and citizens of other countries usually wait 12 years before you can apply about obtaining a Swiss passport, reports the Russian service of the BBC.

In addition, it is necessary to pass a series of tests and interviews aimed to establish whether the person is familiar with the traditions of Switzerland.

The final decision on assignment of citizenship to be taken by the city Council, which sometimes relies on the opinion of the community, i.e. neighbours and has the right to ask the candidate any questions about Switzerland and its culture.

New rules that may be adopted according to the voting results, will allow immigrants in the third generation, to some extent, to avoid this bureaucracy.

They will touch people under 25 years of age, whose parents and parents parents constantly lived in Switzerland.

Supporters of the introduction of these exemptions say that it is wrong to demand from people who lived all his life in the country, evidence that they are integrated into society.

Critics of the amendments believe that they will lead to further easing and will ultimately allow all non-citizens, which in Switzerland is about 25%, it is easy to obtain a Swiss passport.

The posters of opponents of reform shows a woman in Muslim clothes, and the slogan says that the rule change will lead to the Islamization of the state.